Zippy Swaddle

    The Zippy Baby Swaddle

    The Zippy Swaddle is essential for every baby in every nursery. Not only does the Zippy Baby Swaddle keep your baby safe and cozy, it also helps your baby sleep better and wake up less often.

    The Zippy Swaddle is easy to use (no more folding swaddle blankets!), and thanks to the zipper at the bottom, diaper changes are easy!

    The Zippy Swaddle is proudly a part of the Sleeping Baby line, designed for better and safer sleep. Available in two sizes in cotton-blend the Zippy Swaddle is suitable for babies between 7 and 18 pounds who cannot roll over yet. The general age range of the babies should be between newborn to three months and then your baby can start using our famous Zipadee-Zip swaddle transition product.

    The Zippy Swaddle is intended to use during naps and bedtime in a safe sleep environment.