Zipadee-Zip Mystery Sale!
Zipadee-Zip Mystery Sale!

Zipadee-Zip Mystery Sale!

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A Mystery pattern/color of our best selling Zipadee-Zip!

The Zipadee-Zip is a must-have in every nursery. Not only does the Zipadee-Zip provide a way for your baby to stay warm and cozy, but the Zipadee-Zip also acts as a swaddle transition for babies aged three months and older.



96% polyester, 4% spandex

TOG Rating


The Zipadee-Zip’s unique starfish design provides the cozy, secure feeling of a swaddle without limiting baby’s range of motion. 

  •  A safer alternative once baby starts to wiggle and roll
  •  Keeps them comfy and covered during naptime and nighttime
  •  Designed based on safe sleep recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
  •  Suitable for little ones 3 months–3 years
  •  Intended for sleeping only and should not be used for walking or running
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