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Friendly Fox Flying Squirrel Fleece

$ 38.95
Age Weight Height
12 - 24 months 26 - 34 lbs Up to 39 inches
2T - 3T 34 - 49 lbs Up to 48 inches
4T - 5T 49 - 87 lbs Up to 56 inches

For more information on sizing please contact us at support@sleepingbaby.com

Your furry little friend little nudges you with his nose… A curious tilt of his head asks, “May I snuggle in with you?” Curl up for some cozy cub cuddles in this Friendly Fox Flying Squirrel!

This Flying Squirrel is made from our warmest poly fleece fabric. It is mindfully lightweight so that your toddler won’t overheat, but will keep them sleeping extra cozy through a chilly night without the worry of kicking off loose blankets! When night is over, flip open the convertible hand and foot covers to free those fingers and toes for morning playtime! Take note, these PJs are made to fit baggy and run big, making them perfect for toddlers that are inclined to sudden growth spurts.

Fabric: poly fleece

  • 100% polyester
  • Comfortable for fall/winter
  • Recommended: 70-72 degrees Fahrenheit