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Chevron Mint Organic Zipadee-Zip

$ 38.95

*not for little ones under three months old

Size Age Weight Height
Extra Small 3-6 months 8-13 lbs 18"-26"
Small 4-8 months 12-19 lbs 25"-29"
Medium 6-12 months 18-26 lbs 29"-33"
Large 12-24 months 26-34 lbs 33"-37"
Extra Large 2T-3T 34 lbs + 37"-42"

For more information on sizing please contact us at support@sleepingbaby.com

The 100% organic cotton Zipadee-Zips are available in two sizes (XS and S) and they are amazingly soft and all natural for your little one. We are in compliance with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. These sizes are suitable for babies under nine months of age and do not have chemical flame retardants. For more information on this, please click here. The Zipadee-Zip is a must-have in every nursery. Not only does the Zipadee-Zip provide a way for your baby to stay warm and cozy, but the Zipadee-Zip also acts as a swaddle transition for babies ages three months and older. Thanks to the unique starfish design, the Zipadee-Zip provides the comforting, enclosed feeling of the swaddle but without limiting your baby’s full range of motion. Your baby can push up, roll over, and wiggle safely … and still soothe himself back to sleep! Additionally, the Zipadee-Zip helps your baby sleep safer - no loose blankets in the crib! The Zipadee-Zip is intended for sleeping only and should not be worn for running or walking. Due to the nature of 100% cotton, shrinkage can occur so we recommend washing your organic Zipadee-Zip in cold water and only line drying. Don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team if you have any questions!