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Happy Babies in their Zipadee-Zips!



"What our swaddle always ended up with no matter how tight, I would actually hear her struggle out of it in her sleep. But her startle reflex was still so strong it was the only way to get her to sleep. Now she's able to have her arms where she wants them but no worries with her startling herself awake or struggling to escape. Thank you!"



"Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product that gives me piece of mind when transitioning from swaddling my baby. A couple weeks ago my little rolled over from her back to her tummy after I put her to bed. I checked on her after I started laundry and found her face down unable to use her arms to push herself up. I almost had a heart attack and reverted to her coming back into our bedroom, which was something I was trying to get away from!

After researching online, I was overwhelmed and amazed at the abundance of recommendation for sleeping baby! I purchased three Zipadee-Zips and am in love! I can sleep knowing she is safe and secure in her comfy Zippy! Thank you again!"




"I cannot begin to thank you enough for your product. From day one our son Jase loved to be swaddled. While he wouldn’t sleep unless he was tightly swaddled from a VERY young age he began fighting his arms out of the swaddle almost instantly each time we would swaddle him. We spent a tremendous amount of money buying each and every swaddle or similar wearable blanket on the market in an effort to keep him swaddled despite his Houdini ways (we have a full drawer of once used blankets, it's ridiculous)! Although we had some luck keeping his arms swaddled in, around 3 and a half months it became a nightly routine of "re-swaddling" several times a night as he would either escape and wake up instantly from the feeling of his arms being out and/or he began rolling to his tummy.

After reading several blogs recommending your product, and willing to once more try anything and buy yet another sleeping blanket/product, I quickly looked up your website.  From the very first night we tried out the Zipadee-Zip, it has been a success and Jase has been sleeping (now soundly with no fighting the blanket or his arms) for at least 10 to 12 hours a night! Thank you again for creating such a great product and helping us transition from the swaddle!  Sleep makes life so much better. You cannot put a price tag on sleep. We would have paid 10x the retail value of this product to get us to where we are now! Thank you for creating this miracle product."


"Thank you so much for creating the Zipadee Zip. My 4 month old son Kai loved to be swaddled but was starting to flip onto his belly and it was unsafe. We tried just about everything to get him to sleep without being swaddled. He would only nap if I held him and was up every 1-2 hrs at night. I was so exhausted and he was too. It was horrible!!

I heard about the Zipadee-Zip from a friend and didn't really understand how it would work. I bought one to try and since we have started using the Zipadee-Zip just about a week ago he is now napping on his own and sleeping up to 7 hrs at night! It is a lifesaver both of us now are getting the sleep we need and he loves his Zipadee-Zip! I just ordered another one! Just wanted to say Thank You for allowing me and my son to get the rest we need!!!!"



The Zipadee-Zip Can Help Teach a Baby to Self-Soothe to Sleep

"We are officially in the Zipadee-Zip fan club!

My 4 month old son went from being a great sleeper to multiple night wake-ups and difficulty settling back to sleep. He had to be swaddled but was starting to roll over and breaking out of his swaddle every night. Exhausting! Then, one magic day, our Zipadee-Zip showed up! The first night wasn't perfect, but it was better than it had been. Now every night since then has been 6-7 hour stretches of sleep (sometimes longer!) and if he does wake up, he can self soothe back to sleep. Here is my happy guy, waking up after a restful nights sleep. Thanks for such a great product."

The Zipadee-Zip can Help Improve a Baby’s Nap and Night Time Routine and Encourage Longer Sleep

"Houston, we have a mid morning nap! Our 4 1/2 mos old daughter Raegan has been a great night sleeper - as long as she's swaddled. Never a great nap taker. Ever since she's started rolling onto her side, we've had to stop swaddling. Out the window went good night sleeping, and naps went from doubtful to absolutely not, unless it was on me, which I did not want to start the habit of. Plus, with a busy household with other children, mommy needs nap time to get things done! We got our Zipadee-Zip last night. This morning during her "crying cause I need a nap but refuse to" time, I put her in the Zipadee-Zip. She IMMEDIATELY smiled, was moving almost in slow motion and was so very very happy. I put her in her crib, wide awake. She babbled happily for a few mins as opposed to screaming, and in 5 mins was asleep. I can't WAIT for bedtime tonight!!!"


"Just wanted to pass on a photo of my 8 month old sweetheart napping in her new summer weight Zippy! We are in love with this product! For her first three months, we dealt with some unfortunate colic and she hated being swaddled. Night after night, for weeks, we slept on the couch in 20 to 40 minute increments while I held her. Around three months, her colic seemed to ease up, and on a whim, I tried swaddling her and putting her in the Rock n Play. Suddenly, she was able to sleep! But I knew we didn't have a long term solution as she was already beginning to roll. Within a few days of transitioning to the Zippy, our new normal became 11 hours of sleep with one waking to eat. She falls asleep easily and peacefully in her Zippy and wakes up all smiles! Thanks for providing such a practical solution to a significant need!"

"Hello!! This is Weston and he is four months old and in his Zippy!! We laugh because we says it makes him INSTA-HAPPY! No matter what mood.. we put him in it and he's smiling ear to ear... He knows, when this comes on, a bottle is coming along with his comfy crib! It really helped us transition from a swaddle and finally get some shut eye!! He's been rolling since three months so this really gave me peace of mind that he wouldn't get trapped like a swaddle. I've also got my friend using it with her baby girl. We just don't get why it makes them soo happy but hey! WE aren't questioning it!! We just ordered another one because he drools so much this one gets washed on the regular!! We just love it!!! Hopefully his mystery order is as cute as the one we ordered before :) we just love it!! and so does Weston!! clearly ... the picture doesn't lie ! Thank you!!!"

"At 1.5 months he was breaking out of a blanket swaddle so we went to the big box baby store and bought a "swaddle straight jacket". First night in the straight jacket we found him on his belly, I was finished with the product and didn't sleep the rest of the night. I spent that night searching Google and came across the Zippy (even watch the episode of Shark Tank), I was instantly sold and bought one that night. Very impressed at how quickly the product arrived (5days from order to arrival) and the great quality!
Zach has slept so much better, as did mom and dad. He now understands that it is sleep time when he is put in the Zippy. He takes 2, 2 hr naps in the day and sleeps for 10hrs at night without waking!! We are so thankful for the Zippy!!"

The Zipadee-Zip Creates a Safe, Breathable Sleeping Environment:

"We ordered the Zipadee and was eager to try it out ASAP. My baby used to be such a good sleeper until she started to roll over in her sleep. She has always been swaddled so trying to get her to sleep without the swaddle was quite difficult. The very first night we tried the Zippy she slept for 6 hours straight, which she used to do prior to her rolling over and waking up every 2 hours! I will take it!!! Now even for naps we put her in the Zipadee and she can put herself to sleep like before and a lot faster. We live somewhere where the temps can reach 110+ degrees Fahrenheit and found the material to be lightweight! I will definitely be ordering more as she gets bigger."

The Zipadee-Zip Helps Ease the Transition From the Rock and Play Sleeper or Swing to the Crib:

"Baby #2 zippy success story! My daughter (now 3) loved her Zippy and used it to successfully transition from her swaddle at about 6 months! So I was very excited to use a Zippy for this guy too. I actually ordered one the day after he was born while I was still in the hospital because they had just come back in stock! Fast forward almost 5 months and he was sleeping swaddled in a Rock n Play. Much to our horror, this past weekend, we found he had rolled over in his RnP while swaddled! So we had to transition to the crib (which we tried a few weeks ago with NO luck!) and get him out of the swaddle at the same time! I have been pleasantly surprised at how well it's been going! He's now taking nice long naps in his crib (which he never did before even in the RnP) and last night he only woke twice briefly. I am so relieved! Thank you again for your amazing product, Stephanie!! It's been a life saver for our family!!"

"We transitioned our 3 month old from the Rock N Play to the crib last night! He's always been a great sleeper but refused to sleep in the crib (even for a nap) with each of our prior attempts. We started a few days ago testing the waters during nap time with his Zipadeee. Last night we made the full plunge and decided to try the crib at night. He stayed in the crib the entire night without a tear!! I happened to catch him on the video monitor at one point during a startle reflex... that would usually end his stay in the crib but last night he went right back to sleep! So glad we purchased TWO! Thanks Zipadee for keeping my little love bug so snug!"

"Ohhhh my goodness!!! My son has been through the ringer since he was born. From a 10 day Nicu stay to finally figuring out he had a milk protein allergy and wasn't colic as the doctors had suggested. He has always had troubles falling asleep since he won't take a paci. He had to be swaddled and was starting to hate it. He could only fall asleep if he was hungry and while drinking. It was a time since he wouldn't always be able to fall asleep while eating and stay asleep. We ordered these and have had him in his swing to sleep since we ordered this. Got it today and this is not even 10 mins in it for the very first time. He is now laying down in his crib fast asleep. I CANT NOT BELIEVE IT! Ordering more smalls and meds for when he's ready for that size. THANK YOU!!"

The Zipadee-Zip Helps Prevent Babies with Eczema From Scratching

"Little girl has been waking up multiple times at night in the past month and we decided she was probably fighting the swaddle. We tried the Zipadee-Zip out 2 nights ago. We set up an air mattress in her room prepared for a long night. She started out fighting it a bit but I am so happy she had her Zipadee on so she couldn't scratch herself (she has eczema). After a handful of pacifier replacements she had a glorious 4 hour stretch of sleep! Which to me is amazing considering the change and her first night trying it. Happy to report that night two went EVEN BETTER. One trip back to put the pacifier back in and she slept through the night! So happy this worked for her and we didn't even need the air mattress! Thanks Zipadee-Zip! Back to dreamland we go....zzzzzzz"

The Zipadee-Zip is the Perfect Transition From The Woombie, or the Miracle Blanket Swaddle:

"Just thought I'd share my success story...
My son had been sleeping wonderfully in the Woombie since he was 2 months old. When he started to roll over in his sleep, I tried to keep him in the Woombie but with his arms out. Unfortunately, this didn't work as he would wake up within an hour of falling asleep. After attempting this a few times, with no success, I knew we had to make a change. I remembered hearing about the Zipadee-Zip and I decided to give it try. The first few nights my son, who is now 6 months old, woke up a little earlier than usual, but now he has quickly adjusted, sleeping like an all-star! Within an hour of being put to bed he flips on to his side and then his tummy and stays like that the rest of the night. Thank you for a great product! I cannot wait for the new boy styles to come out so I can order another."

Babies Can Pick Up Their Pacifier While Wearing the Zipadee-Zip!

"Just graduated to the large Zippy and happy as can be! Able to put herself to sleep and wakes up happy after a full nights sleep most nights. Thank you again, couldn't be without this! You can see she has no trouble picking up and collecting binkies!"

The Zipadee-Zip is the Perfect Travel Solution:

"Zippy saves the day! Attempting our first road trip with our 16mos old son. Woke him up about 1.5 hours earlier than he normally wakes up on his own. I should have left him in it, but he seemed wide awake so I thought we would be fine. I don't know why I thought that. This boy likes his sleep & hates being woken up early. An hour and a half into the trip and he was screaming and crying because he was overly tired and nothing would make him happy. Pulled over in a small town grocery store and the moment I put him in the Zippy he instantly calmed. Shortly after getting back on the road and after a story he passed out. Thank you for such a wonderful product!"

"We absolutely love love love our collection of Zippys! Here's a picture of yet another great use. It makes a great layer when in the ErgoBaby for a pre-bedtime walk!"

"I love the versatility of this product. We've been doing Family 5k Races since before my baby was born. This particular race day was a bit chilly so we put my 7 month old in his zippy to help keep him warm. Mom, dad and baby we're all able to have a great time running together."

"My 7 month old loves his Zipadee-Zip. I especially love it for outings to the store, park and church. Love how it keeps little hands warm and germ free!"

The Zipadee-Zip Gets Your Baby to Sleep at Daycare:

"We just ordered an extra zippy for our daughter. We have only been using the zippy at home and she has been sleeping great. At school she only takes cat naps. The day care teachers requested that I bring in a zippy for school to see if it helps her nap better. She slept awesome at school today. Morning nap 1 hr and afternoon nap 1 hr 15. She also did not cry at nap time and put herself to sleep. They were very impressed and asked us to bring it in every day. Thank you for creating a great sleep sack."

"We love the zippy! Our little guy was struggling to sleep at day care as they don't allow swaddling with arms down. He would not sleep more than 15 minutes at a time until we tried the zippy and now he naps for an hour or more. He sleeps 11-12 hours most nights in it and it also helped our transition from the rock n play. Such a great product!!"

The Zipadee-Zip is Perfect for Doctor’s Office Visits:

"Baby Evie just had open heart surgery to make her heart stronger. We could not have done it without our Zipadee Zips! She didn't sleep well in her hospital bed until I put one on her (even with all the tubes and IV lines). I think they helped her feel cozier in the bright lights and sounds of the ICU. All the nurses were impressed with the magic of the Zipadee Zip!"

"We rushed our 7 month old to the ER last night because he was having trouble breathing. He is fine now, but it was super scary at the time! It was such a relief to know that even though he wasn't feeling well, he was snug and warm in his Zippy. Best part? We didn't have to worry about him touching anything "germy"! Zippy for the win :)"

"Thanks to the Zipadee-Zip for helping us to have our first non-tearful trip to the doctor! It helped to make this sick little puppy feel much warmer, happier, and safer than ever before. We have been users at night time for a long time, but this is the first time we used it at the doctor. And the doctor didn't get annoyed at all because she was able to access him so easily and quickly still. What a wonderful invention for so many reasons!"

The Zipadee-Zip Helps a Baby Transition off the Merlin Magic Sleep Suit!

"This is my 7 month old sleeping in her Zippy. She used to sleep in her magic sleepsuit which worked great but she was quickly able to turn onto her tummy. This was very unsafe because she couldn't roll back onto her back. She loves her Zippy and sometimes won't sleep without it. I love it because no extra blankets are needed in her crib and she can safely sleep on her tummy. This is a great product making our naps and nights much easier :)"

The Zipadee-Zip Works Great for Babies that Haven’t Been Swaddled:

"I wanted to share my experience with the Zippy so far. It’s been a month or so but now my 7 month old, Sterling, will sleep about 4 hours straight with his Zippy and then wants to eat and repeats this 2 more times for the night. Before the Zippy I was waking up every 15 minutes when we couldn’t swaddle him anymore. Hopefully soon we can get him weaned and to sleep the whole night! Since the Zippy was working so well and I had a hard time getting the small, we ordered the mediums already! I’m glad we did because my older son, Grafton (19 months) has been getting his molars in and has been waking up a lot and waking up his older sister in the process. It has not been fun. Grafton 2 nights ago wanted to wear the Zippy we had just got. So we put it on him thinking it would bother him too much but he loves being in it! He kept thinking clapping his hands in it was fun. During the night he woke up but put himself right back to sleep each time and it worked again the next night! It’s such a relief! I guess we have 2 kids in Zippies now! Thank you for such a great product!"

"Ok! I'm a believer! First night in his Zippy, and Stevie Ray slept like a dream! 12.5 hours! He's always been a good sleeper, but only when swaddled. Lately he's been breaking out and fighting the swaddle, so I thought I'd see what all the hype was about. I thought, this has got to be too good to be true. But he loves it! It's so soft and well made. Seamless transition and slept better than ever! Thanks Zipadee-Zip, your product is simply delightful!"

"This is my sweet baby snoozing away in his Zippy! He has always slept in a swaddle, but recently started to be very uncomfortable in it, always grunting and wiggling until he got his arms loose. I was up 2-3 times every night to redo his swaddle. We needed a solution! I decided put him in his Zippy one night last week and prepared for a loooooooong night. To my shock, he slept from 8:00pm until 7:00am without waking up once! It was my most restful night since I became a mommy. I LOVE IT! I love that we can nurse in it before bedtime. He always falls asleep nursing and I hated waking him all the way back up trying to swaddle his arms with the loudest Velcro ever! Now, he falls asleep nursing, and I just get to cuddle him for a while and lay him directly into the crib! He can't scratch his face with the zippy on either. We love using it as a wearable blanket. It is cold here and it keeps his little hands warm! You can even buckle it into the car seat, so we can easily go from a late night at grandma's house, all the way home, and straight into the crib. I will say that we tried the Zippy when he was about 12 lbs and it didn't work for him, he had too much room and wiggled/startled too much. Now, at four months and somewhere between 14 and 15 lbs, he fits in the size small like a dream! We are believers! Adding more to our wish list!"

"Two happy sleepers in their Zippies.

Our 4 month old twins loving their Zippies in London. After a long battle with infertility, we were thrilled to have 2 babies! But of course parenting brings lots of challenges especially with sleep! As they grew too big to swaddle, bedtime became very stressful as they disliked bring swaddled but couldn't sleep in a normal baby sleeping bag. Now in their Zippies, bedtime is peaceful and the babies are sleeping more! Thank you!"

Flying Squirrel Testimonials

"I just wanted to tell you again how great the flying squirrel pjs are! It came yesterday right when the snow started. My little guy uses them at night but I also use the Flying Squirrel for trips to the bus stop, in and out of the car and trips to NYC. He pulls mittens right off but doesn't seem to mind his hands covered in the pjs.
We went to the city to see the tree on New Years and not only were his hands warm covered in the pjs they also kept him from touching who knows what in the subway.
I even used it under the snowsuit yesterday to go sledding. I just put and extra pair of mittens over his covered hands.”

"This unswaddled, hands-free, feet-free, not too hot, not too cold pj moment brought to us by the Flying Squirrel. We LOVE this!!"

"Here's 14 m old Calvin. He's been wearing a Zippy for 11 months now. We graduated to the Flying Squirrel a month ago. Very easy transition!”

"My 21 month old just told me she doesn't want to sleep in her Zippy! She has been in her Zippy since she starting rolling over at 3 months. She started in the small and graduated to the Flying Squirrel at 18 months when she moved to her big girl bed. I'm happy that she loves her bed and feels secure enough that she doesn't need it anymore, but I feel like a chapter of her babyhood is closing. Thank you, thank you for making such a fantastic product! I have a 5 week old son as well and I can't wait until he is big enough for his Zippy( we already have a small ready to go!)"

"My 22 month old son still uses a large Zippy but we've started transitioning to the Flying Squirrel and it's been great! It's a comfort thing for him. He knows when he sees it and starts putting it on that its "mir mir time" (Spanish for sleepy time). It's soothing for him. He runs his hands over it and he treats it almost like a blanket he wears lol! He actually prefers having his hands and feet out but still loves the light resistance it gives him."

Trendy Teether Testimonials

Watch these babies enjoy their Trendy Teethers!


"We bought two Trendy Teethers and we can't do much without them! Here is Reid, 8 months in his swing with his favorite elephant! Thanks so much, he didn't take a pacifier but these do the trick for him, especially with new teeth coming in all the time!"

"My baby girl Hadlee just got her first tooth today!! She loves her paci clip teether!"

"Madison loves her teething necklace!! She is 5 months with 2 teeth already and it's hard for her to hold most teething rings because she is so young. Thank you for such a wonderful product."

"I'm so glad I sprung for a new teether when I ordered a back up Zippy for vacation! Our little guy popped his two teeth at four months, he's been working on 6 more and almost has another bottom two finally! Your teethers are so perfect, they're pliable, easy to handle and our 6 month old has never loved a teether so much! I'll be recommending these to all my mommy friends! Thank you!"

"Charlotte loves her trendy teether!!! And she can’t throw it on the floor like her other ones because of the clip!"

"The teething beads came in today. I was pleasantly surprised to get them in a reasonable amount of time, and the quality is much higher than I expected. My son has been chewing on them most of the day."

"Baby Tymon enjoying his Make a Wish teether. He loves chewing on it, the bright color and different shapes! Thank you for another great product. We are huge fans of the zippy and now we will recommend your teethers as well. Thank you!"

"We got our teether necklace in today and he instantly put it in! So perfect for us, as Kellan is cutting some crazy teeth right now. Thank you so much for yet another wonderful product. We love y’all!!"

"Callie Loves this teether!! It’s the only one she’ll use! She refuse to try other teethers and pacifiers! Thanks!"

"Got your teether in… And I think he likes it! he moves his paci out of the way to put the teether in. I really like the texture of it!"

"Grayson loves his new clip-on teether! Thank you!!"