Helping Hearts, One Zipadee-Zip at a Time!


Finn Zipadee-Zips and Flying Squirrels can also be purchased for donation! Kelly will PERSONALLY deliver any products that are bought as donations to families in need who's little ones are in the hospital! You will not only be raising money for a great cause, but you will be helping other families get the rest they so deserve!

Proceeds of sales will go to support the Ronald McDonald House!

When the Parker’s appeared on the hit ABC show Shark Tank, they shared their story of losing a child and how they were able to overcome their struggles largely with the help and encouragement of their sweet customers.

The Parkers were flooded with emails from supportive fans…including one women, Kelly Blumenthal. Kelly had just discovered she was pregnant with a child who had little to no chance at life due to potentially terminal heart defects.

The Blumenthal family had to make plans to terminate the pregnancy based on the recommendation from doctors who conveyed the severity of the baby’s condition and his inevitable fate.

After watching Stephanie share her heart and story on Shark Tank, however, she was renewed with a sense of purpose and drive to see her little one survive and give him a chance at life.  Stephanie shared Kelly’s story on the Zipadee-Zip Facebook page and their Sleeping Baby Fans surrounded the family in an overwhelming outpouring of prayer and support during the pregnancy.

The Blumenthal family chose to name their baby ‘Finn’ which means, ‘Little Warrior.”  Finn is now 5 months old and is ALIVE, well and pretty darn ADORABLE too!  In many respects, the Blumenthal family has since become part of the Parker family and they hold a special place in the hearts and prayers of tens of thousands of the Sleeping Baby Fans.

Stephanie Parker recently designed a pattern dedicated to Finn that will be sold to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.  “Our Sleeping Baby business is so much bigger than just the Zipadee-Zip,” says Stephanie who marvels at how their little sleep invention has done so much more than improve sleep.

“This is what it’s all about,” says Stephanie, “helping families in a ‘big picture’ kind of way!  We feel like this business has been such an incredible gift from God and it is a great honor to be able to help others however we can!”

The Ronald McDonald House has helped the Blumenthal family during their extended hospital stays for little Finn’s heart Surgeries.  The Ronald McDonald House is an incredible organization that helps house and care for families who’s little ones have extended stays in the hospital for serious medical issues.  10% of each sale of the Finn Zipadee-Zip will go to support this phenomenal organization!

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