About the Zipadee-Zip Baby Sleepsuit

A Swaddle Transition Solution

Breathable plush and gentle stretch. Zipadee-Zip keeps your little one cozy and comfortable for a great night's sleep any time of the year.

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Zipadee-Zip Baby Sleepsuit Sleeping Baby-1
Womb Like Environment

It provides a womb-like environment but a full range of movement to roll over and wiggle around safely and freely

Zipadee-Zip Baby Sleepsuit Sleeping Baby-2
Soothes the Startle Reflex

The slight resistance in the arm-span helps soothe the startle reflex and will often work to ensure sounder sleep when most other products of its kind fail.

Zipadee-Zip Baby Sleepsuit Sleeping Baby-3
Keeps Germs AT Bay

It is also perfect for keeping germs at bay on airplanes, in doctor’s offices, and grocery stores!

Why Everyone Loves The Zipadee-Zip?

Zipadee-Zip is an innovative swaddle transition solution.

Our starfish design provides a cozy enclosed feeling and sensation like a swaddle but gives your baby a full range of motion so they can move freely and soothe themselves to sleep.

Zipadee-Zip will help your baby get better sleep so you can too!


Bianka M.
Happy Jane’s mom

"Words are not enough to express how great your product is! I'm so thankful to have my happy and no longer cranky girl that finally gets sleep thanks to the Zipadee-Zip."

Jessy M.
Happy Mark’s mom

"One thing I love about my about my Zipadee-Zip - no cold baby hands for my sweet little one or on my body while feeding. Yippee!"

Jeff F.
Happy Anna’s dad

"New parents should buy these. People who know new parents or expecting parents should buy these. Zipadee-Zip is a great product. Our kids are sleeping longer and that means we are sleeping longer."