What Dad Really Wants for Father’s Day – SLEEP!

What Dad Really Wants for Father’s Day – SLEEP!
What Dad Really Wants for Father’s Day


By Brittney Stefanic


It’s pretty safe to say that none of us became parents solely for the sleepless nights. Yet, here we are, night after night, week after week wondering when we might actually get some rest. 

We know that you crave it, need more of it and would give just about anything to get it… And your partner likely feels the same.

The good news… just because you chose to have kids does not mean you’re bound to go for years without quality sleep in your house. No parent should have to drag themselves through their days in a foggy haze because their kids are having trouble sleeping. Once a baby leaves the newborn stage, great sleep is achievable for any family. Even yours. 


A United Family Front

Most typically, it is mom who is most involved with sleep struggles, often because of breastfeeding at night or because she takes on more of the caretaking responsibilities, but this isn’t always the case! We occasionally see dad takes on the bulk of responsibilities around sleep, both naps and nights. 

Either way, what we love most is to have parents on the same page when it comes to big family decisions like teaching sleep independence. We know that when parents form a united front, everyone in the family wins. In other words, teamwork works!

If your family is currently exhausted, read on to learn about the three ways that Dad will really LOVE getting sleep for Father’s Day! 


Reason 1: His Sleep and Quality of Life Skyrocket 

When there is a kiddo in the home that is struggling with sleep, the whole family suffers. Even if Dad isn’t the one primarily “in charge of” sleep, there is still an impact on him! 

After deciding to teach the skill of sleep to a child, there is less stress (and battle) at bedtime, more restful nights all around, increased sleep quality, improved daytime behavior once the overtiredness is combatted, and more “down time” during the day when kiddos nap. 

Upon teaching the skill of sleep independence, parents get their bed back and begin to get full nights of quality sleep, and they see an overall improvement in their kiddos daytime behavior and demeanor. 

When babies are getting great sleep, parents report less fussiness, resolved feeding struggles, and a better general mood. When toddlers are well-rested, parents notice a decrease in the quantity and intensity of tantrums, less mood swings, better eating habits, and overall improved daytime behavior.

We know that fewer meltdowns, less table tantrums and getting his bed back partner are all NO BRAINERS when it comes for picking out a gift for Dad this Father’s Day! 


Reason 2: An Amazing Relationship with his Little One

When children are emotionally dependent on Mom to get through bedtime routine and soothe back down during night wakes, Dad can feel like he doesn’t have a huge role in parenting. However, after teaching sleep independence to a kiddo, they will have a decrease in dependency on Mom which will allow for Dad to play a bigger role in the sleep process! As soon as Dad has a newly defined role in routine he will foster a stronger relationship with his child(ren). 

After Dad has the knowledge and skills to be involved in their children’s sleep habits, he will feel empowered and proud of his parenting abilities. Studies have shown that a more involved father improves his cognitive skills, health, and his capacity for empathy

Plus, when he is spending this quality time with the little one, it gives his partner a moment to breathe! Another win win!  


Reason 3: His Relationship with His Partner 

We know that it is extremely difficult for a partnership to function well if one or both parents are sleep deprived! We all become crankier and have less patience when we are tired, and a lack of sleep for either parent makes facing the challenges of parenthood far more difficult than parenting already is.

When a family decides to sleep train, Mom and Dad get their bed back, enjoy quality “us time” in the evenings after kids go to bed, and connect more with each other than when no one was getting good sleep.

Instead of fighting bedtime battles until 10 pm or having kiddos sleeping between you, imagine a night where littles are in bed by 7:30, a warm dinner is possible as is catching up on a show or snuggling on the couch.

Dads who sleep training, or get the gift of sleep for Father’s Day are sure to LOVE these benefits! 


The Gift of Sleep is a Perfect Gift for Dad

The bottom line here is that a well-rested family is a happier, healthier family. We know that when the whole family is getting sleep, the whole family is better off! Family members get along better, the parent relationship has time and space to develop and strengthen, plus moods and energy levels improve.

It can be hard to imagine all of the ways that sleep can help the dads in our lives, but these three reasons above help to bring clarity to the benefits to himself, his little(s) and his partner. 

If you are stumped and don’t know what to buy this year for the man who has everything, stop and ask yourself if he could use more sleep. It is clear that there are many ways sleep training is a win for him, and a win for your whole family. What better gift, than the gift of sleep this Father’s Day?



Brittney Stefanic is a whole-family certified sleep consultant and founder of Sleeper Teachers®. As a sleep enthusiast, she knows that sleep is the best gift anyone can give or receive.  Brittney and her team love educating and support families around the world in finding sleep solutions through their customized sleep plans. You can follow the Sleeper Teachers® on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook @sleeperteachers for funny Reels, lots of blogs and frequent sleep Q&A sessions.

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