Quick Last Minute Gifts Ideas

Quick Last Minute Gifts Ideas

By Julie Morris

 It’s the holiday season and Santa Claus and his elves are getting ready to pick and pack the perfect present for everyone on the nice list. Here are a few ideas to help you pick the perfect present for the people on your list based on the things you know they love.


Even if they’ve never picked up an instrument before, you can help them learn to play from the comfort of home. Some of the online guitar lessons are free or cheap and beginner guitars start at $100.


If your recipient has expressed in interest in travel, luggage should be at the top of your list. Don’t be afraid, however, to give travel vouchers, cameras, and other travel gear. For gift giving on a budget, consider travel pillows or headphones. 


Food snobs are some of the hardest people to buy for. When your intended falls into this category, you’ll want to get creative and offer a gift that will please their palate. Gift cards to local restaurants or specialty grocers are perfect as they will allow for customized meal preparation and a chance to try a new food.



When saving money is on your recipient's agenda for the upcoming year, there are plenty of gifts you can give that will put them on a path toward making their financial dreams a reality. Of course, savings bonds are one option, but consider practical items that keep money in your loved one’s bank account. An Amazon Prime membership, for instance, or a year’s worth of Netflix.



College is expensive and the academically inclined on your list will appreciate any help they can get. You can purchase books for a specific class, pay lab fees, or provide a few gas and Starbucks gift cards to ensure they have the fuel to get to -- and through -- class.


 A gym membership is a thoughtful gift that will help your recipient manage their personal health and wellness goals in the coming year.


 Like music, we often want to play sports but almost never initiate the process on our own. Most cities offers youth and adult sports programs throughout the year. This would make a great gift for someone who likes to stay physically and socially active.  


Some of the best gifts for aspiring cooks include bakeware and kitchen organization products. The New York Times has an extensive list of beginner cookbooks that would make a satisfying stocking stuffer if mastering the kitchen is a work in progress.

No matter what you give this year, make it count in ways that go beyond the superficial. As adults, we often fail to cater to our own needs since we're busy managing households, caring for kids, and fulfilling all of the other obligations that come with age. Your gift recipient likely won’t spend the money on themselves to do something they love, but you can! 



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