Newborn Sleep: Most Common Mistakes New Parents Make

Newborn Sleep: Most Common Mistakes New Parents Make

By Ashley Simmons

When you have a newborn, one of the key things you think about is sleep. As you understand your newborn’s sleep and the changing rhythms and patterns, you may get overwhelmed by all the information you get regarding this matter.


Getting to know the do’s and don’ts is a process. Sometimes you may wonder how you can get the little one to enjoy sleep when they should. Here are some common mistakes new parents make regarding newborn sleep. 



Having an inconsistent sleep routine


If you do something different every time, you can put off the baby. A consistent bedtime routine is a signal to the baby that they need to sleep. New parents find it necessary to soothe a baby because they are not accustomed to sleeping at a specific time.


When you establish a bedtime routine, the baby will begin to sleep naturally due to the effects of a conditioned response that allows them to self-soothe. Sleep routine applies to daytime and at night. A baby who can self-soothe during the day also does the same at night. 


As per a parenting writer for an assignment help service, one of the most effective ways of setting a bedtime routine, especially at night, is to bathing the baby, dressing them in pajamas, feeding them, and singing for them every night. They will get accustomed to this with time and you will not have to struggle to encourage them to sleep.



Rushing to check on the baby immediately if they stir at night


Whereas it is important to respond to a baby’s cry, sometimes it may not be necessary. When a baby fusses and makes a noise at night, wait for a while and see what happens. Sometimes the baby will fuss, comfort themselves and get back to sleep without your help. 


According to essay writer sites, you should pay attention if the fuss prolongs. Rushing to attend to the baby after a stir can create disturbance and interrupt the baby’s sleep. It is also important to understand the behavior of your child before deciding on when to pay attention to the child. 



Allowing the newborn to sleep on a car seat


Allowing a newborn to sleep on a car seat can be dangerous. The baby’s head can twist and fall forward, causing positional asphyxiation, a condition that may block airways and make the baby stop breathing. A study in the journal of pediatrics in 2015 revealed that this condition caused 48 percent of deaths in the U.S.A among children below age two.


Because of the car seat design’s angle, it is safer to let the young one take a nap when the seat is installed in the car. Allowing a newborn to sleep in a car seat for a long time while you are not checking on them is a serious mistake. For developmental reasons, limit the car seat swing or bouncer time to only thirty minutes. 



Sleeping on a couch while holding the newborn


One of the most amazing feelings for any new parent is falling asleep on a sofa while holding a baby. When you get exhausted after a day’s work, you may not find any problem sleeping on a couch. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics warns against this behavior. 


According to the Lullaby Trust, sharing a couch while both you and your child are asleep is linked to the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Your baby can be trapped between you and the back of the couch, making it difficult for them to breathe. Additionally, when you do share the couch, you can smother or drop the baby. If you feel like you may fall asleep while holding the baby, put them in a safe place first. 



Turning lights on and off when the baby is asleep


Using lights at night is good because you can navigate through the room as you take care of your baby. However, switching the lights on and off can disturb the baby and interfere with their sleep. Exposure to light makes it difficult for a child’s brain to attain deeper sleep.


When you keep switching the lights on and off, you also make your child anxious. To encourage the child to enjoy sleep at night, expose them to light during the day. As the evening approaches, you can dim the lights and reduce the activities around the baby. Avoid working or engaging in any chores that may cause you to keep switching the lights on and off. When you need to feed the baby at night, ensure that the room is quiet and relatively dark. 




Parenting is one of the most enjoyable experiences anybody can have. Newborns should be subjected to quality sleep at all times. If you are a new mum who has been making any of the above mistakes, stop it and you will see your child enjoy sleep during the day and at night. These mistakes are easy to fix if you wish well for your young one.  


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