My Journey Through #75hard

My Journey Through #75hard

Have you heard of the 75 hard challenge?

I am going to share with you the requirements before diving into this post because the details matter! 


Here’s an overview: 

My Why

When I first learned about this “mental toughness” challenge, it was from a former client 

posting about her experience with it. I’ll be honest... I thought it looked CRAZY and she looked super impressive! You are likely thinking that, too!

And then a few quick weeks later I saw that a friend had started, so I told my husband about it. I was intrigued, but I had 100 excuses for why September wasn’t the right starting month.

Fast forward to Sunday, October 11th and an evening convo over cocktails with my husband and sister.

I was ready to set goals for myself, and I was craving a way to show up for me. But most importantly, I was ready to see that my self-worth is more than the success of my business or the way my son behaves in public. 2020 had been the best year in our business which was fantastic. Yet I felt some “survivors’ guilt” over thriving in 2020. I also felt like I had become so wrapped up in being a business owner that I forgot about being me. 

No matter how badly I wanted to set myself up to make changes, there was no way that I was ready for 75 days. 

When I went to bed that night, I could barely sleep. I knew I needed this. And I needed it soon.

So I started. 

Journal entry #1 

38 days in. Half way. And I’m doing the damn thing.

During the first half of the journey (October 12 – November 18), I learned SO MUCH ABOUT MYSELF. 

Over the last 5+ weeks, I realized that:

Time management is my biggest excuse yet my biggest super power

A gallon of water is much more enjoyable if you don’t save it all for the evening 

I don’t need candy to enjoy Halloween

I can go on vacation and not drink 

I’m obsessed with the Peloton bike and can’t wait for ours to arrive 

Starting my day with reading sets my mood right 

It doesn’t have to be sunny and warm for an outside workout 

I can get a lot done in a day when I have a plan 

Brain fog is real and once is clears, possibilities are ENDLESS

I love going to bed at night knowing that I’ve shown up for myself

I’m sure there will be many more takeaways in the next 37 days. Will it be hard? Abso-effing-lutely. Between Thanksgiving, another trip around the sun and Christmas, I am fully aware that my timing is a bit nutty. 

BUT — I am confident that the woman who emerges on December 26th will be the very best version of herself. And that, my friends, is what I’m here for!


Journal entry #2

75 days in. Done! 


In the past 75 days, I have:

-read 1353 pages of personal development nonfiction

-drank over 75 gallons of water 

-completed over 75 inside workouts, including a 4 week strength course and many sweaty Peloton rides

-bundled up for over 75 outside workouts tracking 225 miles walked or jogged while listening to three personal development books

-refrained from drinking alcohol 

-cut out all treats, sweets and desserts

-took a daily progress photo

-grown some wildly strong muscles

-dropped 14 pounds

-built an epic morning routine 

-said “see ya never” to many many many excuses

-created time in my day for me (which makes me feel like a super human)

-and most importantly found a new level of self love and compassion that I never knew existed


These 75 days have been good, bad and ugly. I am most proud of the discipline that I’ve built and the way this discipline has leaded me straight to LOVING MYSELF. 


There were quiet a few days when I wanted to throw in the towel and just call it quits. But I kept thinking about today. I kept thinking about what future me would do. I kept thinking about what was possible if I stuck with it. And thank God I did. 


Making it through the challenge during Halloween, Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day has built the most incredible mental toughness. These holidays were the reason that I didn’t want to, which I knew meant that I needed to. 


I woke up this morning (my first day “off” the challenge) to journal and workout Enjoyed reading a new (fiction) book while drinking my gallon of water. 


I will say, I’m looking forward to a cocktail with my husband later this afternoon and for a piece of Halloween candy that my 4 year old has been saving for me since October!


My Main Key to Success in #75hard

My morning routine was my rock during this program, and it still is my rock. When I wake up before my son, before my work day starts, before the rest of the world is awake, I am able to show up for me. I move my body, I start drinking my water, I read, I journal, I meditate and I have a hot cup of coffee in silence.

Yes, it means I’m missing a little more sleep than I could be, but that also allows me to go to bed earlier at night. Trust me… I love sleep as much as the next person (after all, I’ve built an entire business around sleep). 

When I make time for myself in the morning, I feel prepared. I feel confident. I feel energized. I feel organized. So, I make it happen. Even on the weekends. Even when I’m not motivated. Because who I become AFTER my routine each day, sets me up for the day. I don’t ever want to start the day frazzled or rushed, so I don’t. Period. Full stop.



My Overall Feels about #75hard

Yes 2020 was tough, but I knew that at the end of the day (errrr year), I had control over how the year ended for me. So I took control. I made a change. 


I am stronger for it (mentally and physically) and loving myself more than ever.


I loved the program and would recommend it to anyone looking to show up for themselves and make huge mental gains. In fact, I love it SO MUCH that I am currently in phase 1 of the program which is a 30 day extension.


So far, so good. But it involves a daily cold shower… In January. YIKES!




To follow along on my journey and see a daily journal entry with photo, hop on over to my Instagram account @brittneystefanic.

Brittney Stefanic is a whole-family certified sleep consultant and founder of Sleeper Teachers®. As an enneagram 1 and recovering perfectionist, she gets 2020 was a doozy, especially for parents. As a sleep educator, Brittney believes in the power of teaching and loves to help families in meeting setting sleep goals. Brittney and her team love educating and support families around the world in finding sleep solutions through their customized sleep plans. You can follow the Sleeper Teachers® on Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook @sleeperteachers for access to their sleep tips + tricks and opportunities for free sleep Q&A sessions.


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