Music matters- how to teach music to toddlers

Music matters- how to teach music to toddlers

By Curtis Dean


Music is something that is enjoyed by all and is not defined by age. Even for a toddler, if you play the music that is according to their liking, they will start moving to it in the cutest way possible. The bodies of children are such that they always want to keep moving and giving them a groove or a beat to do so is probably a good idea. There are so many advantages of music that even introducing toddlers to it can have many beneficial effects.

It leads to physical growth and development and is also instrumental in implementing social characteristics. Toddlers are gullible and can be taught anything new when done using proper technique and knowledge. If you have to deal with toddlers at any stage and are wondering how to teach them music, these tips that are mentioned below might help in the process.

Sing together

Kids pick up things from their parents in a jiffy, especially when they are a toddler. The primary interaction of a child with music is in school, and it starts around 6-7 years of age. In case you want your child to engage in music before that, singing to them is a very good option. The best part about doing so is the fact that you don't even need to sing well.

You have to be soothing to the years. Sing to them while you are feeding them, while you are washing their clothes, even when you are reading stories to them, do it in the form of songs. The advantage of doing so is that it can lead to pitch match, and it will give them a good ear for good-quality from a tender age. Initially, they might groove to your music, but slowly and surely, they will start to sing along as well. It is an excellent way to bond, as well. You can join music lessonstogether for best results.

Experiment with instruments

There are 101 musical instruments, and they have multiple scales and notes. The options are genuinely endless. Therefore, it is not a good idea to engage them in some instruments which you look and are comfortable in. Instead, let them explore and experiment with different instruments and then let them zero onto one based on their personal choice.

Teaching music through games is more fun

Teaching toddlers can be quite challenging as they have very little concentration and can keep moving. However, including some games into the mix, and the cards are in your hands. The kids will start becoming more involved in it. The same applies to music as well. Make music a part of games like musical chairs and identification of songs, and soon you will see that the toddler is enjoying the fun more.

Here are some movement activities

Like mentioned before, toddlers are always moving. Instead of trying to curb it, the way you can incorporate movement activities to your advantage

Play movement games using a parachute

These movement games include the toddler moving from one place to another on cue to the music. They should be provided with a parachute for their safety purposes so that they don't bump against anything and hurt themselves.

Dance with ribbon rings

Take ribbon rings and tell the kids to move it according to the beat and as fast as possible. This improves the coordination of a child.

Move egg shakers

Toddlers are generally very wiggly and shaky and let them engage in that with a shaker.

Freeze dance

This is another movement activity. It is challenging to coordinate toddlers with freeze dance as they are very mobile but getting them to do so is the challenge.

Shake your sillies out

Ask the toddler to shake as hard as they can, especially at the hips.

Teaching music to toddlers can become quite cumbersome, but it is not impossible. If you read the article above, maybe you will agree to it and introduce some appropriate music for toddlers.

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