How Parents Can Make the Most of National Lazy Day - August 10

National Lazy Day

August 10 is National Lazy Day 一 an excellent excuse to kick back and relax! Having an occasional lazy day helps combat the burnout of always being on the go. Being too busy can lead to increased stress and decreased mental wellness. 

That’s the beauty of a lazy day. It’s a day to recharge, unwind, and prevent burnout.

As parents, we know it can be hard to soak up some R&R with little kids. That’s why we’ve curated a list of techniques to celebrate National Lazy Day, even if you’ve got a busy household of little ones!

Start the day with an order-in breakfast!

National Lazy Day is the perfect reason to order in, and there’s no reason why you can’t start with breakfast! Here are a few fun ideas to keep breakfast as lazy (but fun) as possible:

  • Order in a hot breakfast from your favorite local diner 一 many food delivery apps will deliver breakfast!
  • Grab some bagels or donuts (and coffee for you!) and eat at a park on the way to dropping the kids off at school
  • Make breakfast the night before (such as egg strata) so you can just heat up in the morning.
  • Have a stash of frozen breakfast food (waffles, pancakes, egg, and sausage sandwiches) ready to go - just heat and eat!
  • Have a pitcher of iced coffee ready in your fridge 

Lazy breakfasts are the perfect way to kick off National Lazy Day. 

Wear your jammies all day 

Flying Squirrel

Unless you’re planning on a trip to the park or zoo, why not stay in your jammies all day? Or, at the very least, stay in your jammies for as long as possible before you head out for fun adventures outside of your house.

Don’t plan any errands

Of course, you may want to plan a few fun outings, but avoid planning any stressful errands on this day. This can be hard because, as humans, we’re hardwired to work and be busy. Focus on the reason for the day ー to rejuvenate your mind and body ー and save your errands and chores for another day.

Make time for a hobby

One of the downsides of running a busy household is that there isn’t always a whole lot of time leftover for hobbies, but today, make time for your favorite hobby. Whether you like to jog, knit, bake, play an instrument, or draw, find a way to spend some time doing an activity you enjoy. 

Unplug from your phone

Scrolling on your phone is oh-so-addicting, but it’s also a few clicks and taps away from emails and news. Work emails and reading the news definitely aren’t part of National Lazy Day! Instead, just ditch your phone (at least for a little bit!) and unwind without any technology. 

Watch TV

While you might ditch your phone for a little bit, why not turn on the TV and catch up on your favorite show? You can also watch a family-friendly show with any little ones who aren’t in school yet. 

Take a bubble bath

While your kids are at school (or napping), soak in a bubble bath. Keep these tips in mind to make it even more luxurious:

  • Add Epsom salt for muscle relaxing properties
  • Add calming essential oils
  • Play an audiobook while you soak
  • Read a magazine


National Lazy Day is the perfect day to lose yourself in a new book. If you have little ones at home, consider setting them up with an activity while you read right next to them. Depending on their age, they may play with playdough, read their own book, or work on puzzles while you read.

Dust off your board games

board game

Whether you’re playing CandyLand, Monopoly, or chess, there’s a board game for everyone. You can also teach age-appropriate card games to your children, too—some good ones to start with include Go Fish, War, Uno, and Rumi. 

Easy dinner

game night

National Lazy Day requires a lazy dinner, of course! That means no dishes for you! Whether you order take-out from your favorite restaurant or head for dinner as a family, treat yourself! 

Plan a movie marathon

It might be a school night, but consider watching a family movie after dinner. Get everyone in their pajamas, snuggle in your bed, and watch a movie together. 

How are you celebrating National Lazy Day?

Are you planning on avoiding all chores at all costs? Ordering take-out for every meal of the day? Watching movies all day? Let us know how you’ll celebrate this fun day.

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