Creating a Self Care Station For Your Toddler

This is a guest blog by Courtni Wisenbaker-Scheel

Ask almost any parent and they will tell you that a fierce independence streak began in their two year old almost as soon as the candles were blown out on their birthday cake. Psychologists conclude that the combination of a major physical growth spurt, coupled with greater social and emotional development, encourages little brains to become autonomous, and their grasp of this important concept will only increase when they are encouraged and challenged. By designing self-care stations around your home, we at Home Improvement Leads know that your little one will be emboldened to take those next important steps towards becoming their best self.

self care station in the kitchen

Self Care in the Kitchen

One of a toddler’s main goals in life is to be a helper. However, this typically leads to more of a hindrance than actual assistance in the kitchen. Instead of giving them open reign–or no entrance at all–dedicate one of your lower cabinets to some of their items like plates, cups, and silverware. When dinnertime rolls around, allow them to help set the table by picking out whichever materials they may need for that meal. Be sure to include a small container for snacks, too, in both the cabinet and the refrigerator. Keep it simple and only put in one of each individually packaged item. Then, instruct your child as to when it’s ok for them to help themselves to a snack.

self-care station in the bathroom

Self Care in the Bathroom

We can all agree that learning proper personal hygiene is critical for everyone. Show your child just how dedicated you are to their education by hanging a small mirror, towel rack, and basket right at their eye level. Within the basket, place their regularly used items like a small cup, toothbrush, toothpaste, and hairbrush. They will need assistance at the beginning learning appropriate toothpaste amounts, but this skill will come faster the more they work on it. A faucet extender, small stool, and attached toilet seat reducer are the final components to making an independent toddler-friendly bathroom.

self care station in the bedroom

Self Care in the Bedroom

A person’s choice in clothing tells a lot about who they are, and self expression is a vitally important step in a toddler’s mental development. Although they are masters of creating chaos, toddlers aren’t yet capable of processing many options at once. Give them choice over their own personal style without overwhelming them by putting two or three outfits and pairs of pajamas in separate baskets near their bed. Place a hamper near by as well in order to encourage them to properly dispose of their dirty clothes. Similarly, have a special container for their shoes near the front door that is easily accessible. 

By looking around your home, you will begin to see new ways to help foster your child’s budding independence. Keep it simple and you’ll see impressive growth in no time!

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Guest blog by Courtni Wisenbaker-Scheel of Home Improvement Leads

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