41 Baby Gifts for Baby’s First Christmas: The Ultimate Guide

By Kathryn Trudeau

The list of things that a baby really needs is pretty small: love, food, clothing, and shelter. However, there’s nothing quite as magical as baby’s first Christmas, and that includes gifts. So what do you get a baby who doesn’t really need anything? What’s the perfect gift for someone who means the whole world to you?

Don’t worry - we’ve done the research for you! This is the ultimate guide for baby’s first Christmas!

Note: Because “Baby’s First Christmas” applies to babies born on December 26 the previous year all the way through December 24 of this year, there is nearly a year-long range of babies that fit this category. So if your baby is too little or too big for these suggestion, just move on to the next idea!

Happy shopping!

But first, here’s the criteria for a good baby gift:

  • A good gift is always given in love
  • A good baby gift is always safe
  • A good baby gift is at least one of the three: useful, time-saving, entertaining, or fun


Clothing definitely fits under the category of “useful” baby presents.

  1. New jammies: This is also a good idea if your little one is growing out of their swaddle  (Use PROMO CODE: BABY1 to save 15% off your order!)
  2. Personalized body suits: These body suits are a great way to commemorate baby’s first stats. It’s a special gift that you’ll always remember as part of Baby’s First Christmas. (Use PROMO CODE: BABY1 to save 15% off your order!)
  3. Festive hat and mittens because you can never have enough mittens.
  4. The next size up onesies, pants, shirts, sweaters, etc

Developmental Toys

Toys and Christmas go together like Santa Claus and cookies, but there is a lot to be said about what makes a good toy and what makes a toy-that-lasts-five-minutes. Ideally, choose the highest quality from reputable sources.

  1. Wooden building blocks (paint-free but a non-toxic water-based lacquer finish is okay too)
  2. Age-appropriate puzzles (again, wood is best if you can find it)
  3. Age-appropriate musical instruments: rattles, baby-proof keyboards
  4. Finger or hand puppets
  5. Learning walkers
  6. Play kitchen including plush food and wooden bowls
  7. Bath toys (always a big hit!)
  8. Water/sand table
  9. Board books on any topic really - the more books teh better!
  10. Soft stacking blocks
  11. Stackable anything


Christmas presents in general are special, but some gifts are meant to last through the generations and be passed on to your baby’s babies.

  1. Baby’s first Christmas ornament
  2. A stuff-your-own bear with a recording of you singing baby’s favorite lullaby
  3. An heirloom rocking horse
  4. Baby’s first doll
  5. Wall-size measuring growth chart


There are no shortage of studies that show how beneficial music is for babies. Music can lift your baby’s mood, improve brain function, and even promote language development.

  1. Classical music albums for babies
  2. Cello albums, which are amazing for nap times
  3. Upbeat kids’ songs including the old standbys like Twinkle Twinkle or the ABC’s. The soundtrack to the latest kid’s hits also works.

For the Practical Gift

What does baby need? A new blanket? Ready for a walker? A new set of cloth diapers? All of these ideas get categorized as “practical gifts.” Not necessarily “fun” gifts, but gifts in this category get used, and that’s important.

  1. A new (or the next size up) set of cloth diapers
  2. New shoes
  3. A new car seat (if ready to transition from the infant seat)
  4. A high chair (if ready to start solids)
  5. New crib sheets (hey, they can get worn out!)
  6. Learning or activity mat
  7. Personalized “tiny” chair for the nursery
  8. New storage for the nursery
  9. New diaper bag
  10. Personalized toy chest
  11. New teethers

For the Adventure-Seeking Baby

Last but not least, consider these gifts for the adventure-seeking baby:

  1. A day spent at a baby play and discovery center
  2. A trip to the zoo to see the holiday lights
  3. A membership to a zoo, museum, or baby-friendly play place
  4. A wagon
  5. A professional photo shoot
  6. A baby elephant! (Okay… technically, you’re just adopting one. But many wildlife conservation foundations allow you to symbolically adopt a baby animal which is pretty awesome!)


Kathryn is a self-proclaimed book nerd who has a passion for natural parenting and writing. As a homeschooling mother of two, Kathryn understands the dynamics of a busy family life. She is the founder of the Cor Domum movement, a mission that guides families through life so that they can parent with joy. Read more at  www.katietrudeau.com 

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What about you?

What are you getting for your baby’s first Christmas?