3 Baby Teething Myths

baby teething mythsTeething is not always easy to understand and new parents especially can get confused by all the teething articles they read with differing information. To make sure that you understand the symptoms of teething and the right tips and tricks to soothe a teething baby, consult your pediatrician to get the most up-to-date information. I'd like to dispel some myths associated with infant teething and sharing information to help parents better understand their teething babies.

My baby is too young to be teething.

Six months is usually when most babies get their first tooth but some babies' teeth appear at a much earlier age. All four of our kids started teething at two months, which is not the norm. If your baby is drooling excessively, cranky, has a change in appetite and is sticking her fists in her mouth, chances are that she is teething.

A teething baby will have trouble sleeping and be fussy.

Every baby responds differently to teething. Two of our kids were barely phased by it and never had trouble sleeping while teething. The other two did have a pretty tough time with it. If your baby is having trouble falling asleep at bedtime due to teething pains, soothe them with some gentle pats, offer a cool washcloth to numb their gums, or ask your pediatrician about a pain reliever that is safe to give baby at night.

I can only breastfeed until my baby gets teeth.

While babies can experience setbacks with breastfeeding while teething, they are usually only temporary. Some babies experience little to no discomfort while other babies have painfully swollen gums that are aggravated by sucking. Breastfeeding, however, can be very comforting and soothing for baby so even if your baby does stop nursing for a few days, continue to offer your breast when baby appears to be hungry. You can talk to a lactation consultant for help during this time.


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