7 Ways to Deck out Baby's Stroller

When traveling with your little one by stroller sometimes it gets uncomfortable for baby to sit there for so long, resulting in fussiness and restlessness. To ease baby's discomfort and keep them entertained, always carry some toys and accessories for the stroller. Make your shopping trips or extracurricular activities a little easier by making sure baby or toddler has something to keep them occupied for long periods of time. Here are some of my favorite products to deck out your baby's stroller.

1. Babee Covee 6-in-1 Blanket

The Babee Covee is a convertible baby blanket and cover that has six uses in one! This mom made and award-winning must-have baby gear eliminates the need to buy, pack and carry bulky single purpose items while protecting baby/toddler from germs where ever you go; no more overflowing diaper bag' no more blanket falling off the car seat and no more germs on publicly shared items!

The Babee Covee can be used as: 1) car seat canopy cover, 2) stroller cover/blanket, 3) shopping cart cover, 4) high chair cover, 5) nursing cover, and 6) playtime blanket.

$39.99 - $49.99


Babee Covee Stroller.jpg

2. Baby Elephant Ears

Baby Elephant Ears is a multi-use headrest providing spinal/neck alignment and comfort for babies -- and they're designed to look like adorable elephant ears! Baby Elephant Ears go wherever baby goes -- stroller, swing, car seat, changing table, etc. The headrests are fully washable and require no attachments, straps or special skills and they're offered in diverse prints and organics. The superior design and durability of these headrests make them the perfect gift for parents! Winner of this year's Huggies Mom-Inspired Award!



Baby Elephant Ears.jpg

3. Zipadee-Zip

The Zipadee-Zip is the best solution for transitioning baby from swaddling. It provides babies with the snug feeling of security while allowing for the freedom of pajamas. With Zipadee-Zip, babies are free to stand up, crawl, roll and move around safely. This versatile sleep garment has 7+ uses including: encourages sleep during travel, provides a germ-free environment on planes, trains and cars, prevents scratching and more. It works like magic to help babies fall asleep and stay asleep and is ideal for transitioning babies from swaddling or for babies who do not like to be swaddled.




4. Little Toader AppeTEETHERS

Teething is one of the most painful development processes for babies and is just as tough on parents. AppeTEETHERS are patented silicone teething toys free of BPA, Phthalate, PVC, and lead. They provide the perfect amount of resistance to sooth babies' sore gums, and best of all the cute one-of-a-kind designs will surely make you chuckle because they look exactly like real food! The current line includes Chompin' Chicken Wing, Baby-Q Rib, Ice Cream U Scream, Nopainapple, LOL! Sucker and Broccoli Bites.





5. PullyPalz

Pully Palz are the first ever baby toys that actually help babies retrieve their own pacifiers! They're interactive and entertaining to keep baby distracted and helpful for parents who no longer have to play the "pacifier game." The innovative and developmentally beneficial toy keeps pacifiers in view and in reach to keep them clean. Pully Palz hold most pacifiers and attach to baby carriers, bouncers and more.




6. Brica(R) Deluxe Snack Pod

When you're off and running, snacks can mean the difference between a happy child and total meltdown. Keep juice, crackers, or cereal in reach, off the floor, and out of the seat cushions with this spill-resistant snack and drink holder. The Quick-Attach(TM) clamp fits most stroller frames, car seats, and shopping carts in seconds and clean-up is as easy as popping it in the dishwasher. Everyone is just happier when you can add a little comfort to your outing.



Snack Holder.jpg

7. Buti-Bag 

The Bundle is an incredibly versatile and truly adorable bag that you'll use for years to come. Perfect for the active lifestyle of every mom, the bundle is not only great for keeping your diapering essentials within reach, but remains useful well after your child is grown. The bundle is a perfect for first aid kits, cosmetics, toiletries, small trips and much more.





baby blanket and coverWritten By Alma Moussa, Inventor of Babee Covee.

Invented by accident by Alma Moussa during a playdate, the Babee Covee is a versatile baby blanket and cover that has six uses in one! This award-winning, must-have baby gear eliminates the need to buy, pack, and carry bulky single purpose items while protecting baby from germs where ever you go; no more overflowing diaper bag' no more blanket falling off the car seat and no more germs on publicly shared items!

The Babee Covee can be used as: 1) car seat canopy cover 2) stroller cover/blanket 3) shopping cart cover 4) high chair cover 5) nursing cover and 6) playtime blanket. It easily attaches to a car seat or stroller and does not fall off! It can also be used to cover the baby for privacy while sleeping (includes a peek in window).

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