Top 10 Baby Proofing and Safety Essentials

The number one priority of a parent is keeping the baby safe at home. Baby-proofing is necessary, especially once your baby starts crawling. They start exploring and want to put their hands (and mouths) on everything. It's important that you stay updated on product recalls, and check the labels on all of your equipment and nursery items. Ensure that all of your products are healthy and safe to keep around your child. It's always been a passion to create and evaluate products for their safety, so here are my top ten essential products to keep your child safe.

1. Summer Infant Clear Sight Digital Video Monitor

For parents looking for a convenient monitor with great features at an affordable price, the Clear Sight delivers. It is 100% digital ensuring a private and secure connection, with two-way communication to talk to baby or each other in the nursery, digital zoom and automatic night vision, providing parents peace of mind, day and night.


2. Classic Wood Safety Gate

Imagine: a strong, dependable hardwood gate that's so beautifully crafted, it will actually compliment your wood floors and furniture! Constructed of solid hard wood, with inconspicuous hardware and a convenient, one-hand release. Fits openings 31"-52". At 32"H, it's a great choice for safety-proofing stairs and barricading pets. Available in Light Oak and Dark Oak finishes to match your woodwork. Designed by OneStepAhead!


3. Safety 1st Clearly Soft Corner Cushions

The Safety 1st Professional Grade Clearly Soft Corner Cushions have a soft, clear design that blends in with home decor. The cushion "hugs" corners and protects sides and top. The ProGrade(TM) Clearly Soft Corner Cushions are designed with a soft shape that easily conforms to table corners. Rounded shape cushions corner from all angles. Clear gel blends in with home décor. Easy to install and remove adhesive mount.


4. KidCo Universal Outlet Cover

Protect and prevent your child from touching the electric socket with KidCo Universal Outlet Cover. These white covers come in a pack of three and can be used as permanent covers for standard and decor style outlets. They can be screwed and installed over existing outlets easily, and electronic devices can be plugged in through them. When a device is removed, they cover the outlet automatically so that children cannot poke things into the outlets and get hurt.


5. Secure Transitions Inflatable Baby Tub

The BIGGEST, cushiest inflatable tub you'll find! More comfortable, more room to grow! Our soft, jumbo tub keeps little ones secure, and the contoured headrest makes shampooing easy. Unique pockets keep bath supplies close, so you can keep one hand on baby. For babies who can sit up, up to 24 months.


6. GuideCraft Kitchen Helper

Lightweight, easy to move and easier to store; our kitchen helper safely and securely allows children to reach counter top height so that they can take part in many learning and sharing activities that are normally not accessible to them. Easily adjusts to 4 platform heights so that its use grows with your child. Wood construction with a rich maple toned finish.


7. KidCo Convertible Crib Bed Rail

The folks at KidCo know that your child's safety is your number one priority. That's why KidCo specializes in designing products to keep your child secure, at home, or on the road. The KidCo Convertible Crib Bed Rail brings the company's safety expertise to bear on your tot's sleeptime. The Kidco Crib Bed Rail can be used with most convertible cribs and installing it is a snap! Makes the transition from crib to big-kid bed less stressful for both you and your tot. The KidCo Convertible Crib Bed Rail is constructed from sturdy mesh and steel materials. Recommended for children aged 1-3 years; For use when child still sleeps in crib-toddler bed style.


8. Pro-Strap Anti-Tip Furniture/Safety Strap


The Pro-Strap Anti-Tip Furniture/Flat Screen TV Safety Strap by Safety Innovations protects babies and tots from furniture and TV tip-overs. Secures heavy furniture and your flat screen TV to furniture or the wall. Professional quality materials, no plastic parts, made of metal and heavy-duty polypropylene webbing with an extra long strap.


9. Cardinal Gates Patio Door Guardian

The Patio Door Guardian effectively secures and childproofs sliding patio doors in homes and balcony doors in apartments / condos. Created with home security in mind, this lock is also ideal for childproofing. Prevent children from leaving the home unattended. Attractive and functional, the Patio Door Guardian also allows you to lock the door with a 3" gap for ventilation.


10. Mommy's Helper Safe-er-Grip Tub Handle

The Mommy's Helper Safe-er Grip helps your toddler enter and leave the tub safely. Sturdy grip handle makes you both feel more secure. Press the tab levers to attach to your tub's edge. Flip the tabs to remove from tub's edge. Can be used on shower walls. Measures 11 1/2"L x 4"W x 3 1/2"D


To learn more about Sandy Clark and the San Diego Bebe Eco-Nursing Pillow, the healthiest nursing pillow on the market,

Guest blog by Sandy Clark, Inventor of San Diego Bebe Eco-Nursing Pillow

San Diego Bebe® was designed by San Diego native Sandy Clark, a passionate breastfeeding advocate and mother of twins. Clark was inspired at a San Diego beach one day where she witnessed a young mother unsuccessfully nursing her baby. As the mother struggled to keep a blanket across her shoulder while her baby wailed from heat and hunger, Clark vowed then and there to design a product that would help resolve the issue of privacy while nursing. San Diego Bebe® was born that day.

When Clark sent her nursing pillow to Duke to be tested and reviewed, Duke University Chemical Scientist Dr. Heather Stapleton, who is a mother herself, said, "The San Diego Bebe® Eco-Nursing Pillow is not only a very supportive pillow with amazing features for discreet nursing, but is also free of flame-retardant chemicals that have been shown to cause adverse health effects in animal studies. I applaud Double Blessings (Clark’s company) for taking steps to produce high quality products that meet the same flammability standards without using these chemicals."

San Diego Bebe® Eco-Nursing Pillow is the healthiest and most innovative nursing pillow on the market. Made with virgin polyfiber Eco*Loft™, a non-toxic and hypo-allergenic foam-alternative, it’s void of harmful chemicals. It’s also recyclable and eco-friendly. San Diego Bebe® is available in two versions, for nursing one baby or twins. The entire line is baby-safe, and is covered with deluxe plush fabrics including organic cotton.

Click to view a Nursing Pillow Comparison Chart to learn more.

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