Infant and Toddler Product Recalls to Know About

is your baby product safeEvery parent's first concern is keeping their kids safe. Unfortunately, many products out there can be dangerous, but we never find out until something goes wrong. You should get in the habit of checking regularly for product recalls to make sure something isn't unsafe about one of the products you know. Knowing about a faulty screw or unsecured strap could be the difference between life or death. If you own one of these items, please return them immediately.

Linear Personal Emergency Reporting System (PERS) Transmitters

This baby monitor has been recalled because the batteries used in the transmitters can fail to emit a low battery warning. This could lead the user to believe the transmitter is functioning and not generate a warning. You might think your baby is sleeping soundly because the battery has died, when in truth something has gone wrong.

Big Lots Ottoman’s

Some ottomans at Big Lots are sold near the baby products as accessories for a nursery or child’s room. If you have purchased one of these ottomans, be aware that they have been recalled because it can collapse during normal use. It’s potentially dangerous for children to play on (It’s not safe for adults, either!)

Lea Covington and Hannah Collection Bunk Beds

If your kids have a Lea Covington and Hannah Collection Bunk Bed, you need to dissemble and return it  immediately. This product has been recalled because the bunk bed can be assembled incorrectly, creating a space that exceeds the 1.88 inches allowed by the industry standard. This poses a threat to young children who could become trapped in the bed.

phil&teds Travel System 26 infant car seat adapters for strollers

If you own this product, you may have the version that has been recalled. Please check to see if you do and return immediately! This product has been recalled because the plastic adaptors used to connect an infant car seat to a stroller can crack, become unstable, and break during use, posing a fall hazard to infants.

Hamilton Beach Baby Food Processor

If you own this product, please know that it has been recalled. If you use it, there is a possibility that the slicing/shredding disc with the motor shaft adapter can cause the stainless steel pin in the food bowl lid to loosen and fall into processed food. Very scary if baby were to eat the food with a steel pin in it. We recommend you return this now!


San Diego BebeGuest Blog by Sandy Clark, Inventor of San Diego Bebe Eco-Nursing Pillow

San Diego Bebe® was designed by San Diego native Sandy Clark, a passionate breastfeeding advocate and mother of twins. Clark was inspired at a San Diego beach one day where she witnessed a young mother unsuccessfully nursing her baby. As the mother struggled to keep a blanket across her shoulder for privacy while her baby wailed from heat and hunger, Clark vowed then and there to design a product that would help resolve the issue of discretion while nursing in public. San Diego Bebe® was born that day.

After Clark read a recent Duke University study on toxic chemicals in baby products, she sent her nursing pillow to Duke to be tested and reviewed. Duke University Chemical Scientist Dr. Heather Stapleton, the nation's leading fire-retardant research specialist, and a new mother herself, said, “It's wonderful to find a nursing pillow on the market that is not treated with chemical flame-retardant additives in the filling material. San Diego Bebe® Eco-Nursing Pillow is not only a very supportive pillow with amazing features for discreet nursing, but is also free of flame-retardant chemicals that have been shown to cause adverse health effects in animal studies. I applaud this manufacturer for taking steps to produce high quality products that meet the same flammability standards without using these chemicals.”

San Diego Bebe® Eco-Nursing Pillow is the healthiest and most innovative nursing pillow on the market. Made with virgin Eco*Loft™ fiber, a non-toxic and hypo-allergenic foam-alternative, it’s void of harmful chemicals. It’s also recyclable and eco-friendly. San Diego Bebe® is available in two versions, for nursing one baby or twins. The entire line is baby-safe, and is covered with deluxe plush fabrics including organic cotton.

Click to view a Nursing Pillow Comparison Chart to learn more.

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