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Yoomie GiveawayNew Giveaway! The Yoomi bottle system is so cool and helpful for moms - so we want to give our fans the chance to win one of your very own! Check out this self-warming bottle; just press a button and in 60 seconds baby's milk is warm!

Yoomi - The award winning, self-warming, 3-in-1 baby bottle system

It comes with one eight-ounce bottle, a warmer, and a charging pod.

Most babies prefer drinking warm milk, but warming their bottles while you're out of the house can be a challenge. You can heat the bottle briefly in the microwave, but that risks overheating, which can damage the vital nutrients within.

The Yoomi bottle contains a unique warmer that's activated at the push of a button. This triggers an internal solution to warm in less than a minute. When the bottle is tipped for drinking, your baby's milk will be gently warmed as it flows through specially designed channels outside of the warmer, so by the time the liquid reaches the nipple, it's at a natural breast milk temperature. The self-warming baby bottle can stay warm for up to an hour!

The liquid is safe from spoiling because if it isn't being consumed, it never becomes warm. It remains cool until your baby drinks it. This also saves you from reheating half-finished bottles. 

The internal, non-toxic solution is a gel that's similar to those used in hand warmer packs, so it's entirely safe. Just in case, they have added a food colorant so leaks are visible and a bitter taste so your baby will immediately stop if he/she accidentally drinks some.

The best part is that the Yoomi can not overheat your babies milk. There is no possible way for it to expose your baby to a liquid that's too hot.

Vents in the nipple ensure that air does not bubble through when your baby drinks, which helps prevent colic.

You can even use the bottle all by itself. It's lightweight and ergonomically designed, which makes it easy for your baby to hold. The whole unit assembles without you ever having to touch the nipple, which keeps it sterile. The wide mouth makes preparation and cleaning easy. The nipple is a natural breast shape that's easy to latch. This is great for helping your baby transition from the breast to the bottle.

Yoomi Features & Benefits

  • Yoomi is ideal for traveling or busy days.
  • It's great for night-time feedings.
  • Vent system helps prevent colic.
  • It warms liquids in 60 seconds, or ever faster on the warming station.
  • It brings the liquid to the perfect temperature every time.
  • The bottle's nipple is shaped like a breast and radiates heat, just like mom.
  • The system is 100% portable - no plugs, batteries, or begging for hot water in stores/restaurants.

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