5 Solutions to Everyday Parenting Problems

cute baby with minkeyParenting is tough; there’s no doubt about that. All children are different, but parents find that nearly all of them present some of the same challenges. Fortunately, many of these common problems have common solutions that we can pass to each other.

1. Discarded Winter Gear

During the winter, we have to dress our children in extra clothing to keep them safe from the cold. This usually includes hats, mittens, and scarves, but these items are easily discarded. As I’m sure you know, kids will shed and lose their belongings easily. The Minkey by Olie is an all-in-one winter garment that replaces mittens (or gloves), scarf, and hat. It easily slips over any outfit and fits comfortably beneath a jacket without overheating your child. Plus, the Minkey comes in several cute designs.

2. Monster at Night

Many children are prone to nightmares. Some complain of monsters in their room or under their bed. These concerns keep them up at night and prevent them from getting the rest they need. Monster spray is a simple, homemade solution. Fill a spray bottle with water. Add a few drops of food coloring. Explain that this concoction is a special potion to combat monsters. Spray it around the room a few times to keep the baddies at bay and then leave the bottle by the bed so your child can use it if he or she feels threatened.

3. Not Listening

Often you’ll find that your child has disregarded your instructions or warnings. They usually don’t do it out of spite. It’s often a failure of communication. In fact, studies show that it’s difficult even for adults to retain information that is spoken once. The best way to ensure your child listens to what you say, take these three steps: 1) Be in the same room as your child; don’t yell across the house. 2.) Make deliberate eye contact. 3.) Insist your child repeat your instructions back to you.

4. Embarrassing Public Questions

At some point during your journey of parenthood, your child will ask an embarrassing question in public that turns your face red and drives you from the store/park/restaurant. Little kids don’t have a filter and their awareness skills are undeveloped, so you might get a question like “Mom, why is that man so fat?” You can’t take back the question, so the trick is to not be amused (which will just cause your child to repeat his “funny”) and redirection with something like, “People come in all sizes. What size are you?”

5. Refusal to Eat New Things

Variety is a simple approach to eating a healthy diet, so it’s important that our children like many different foods. Our stores are filled with high-sugar foods that taste far better than the healthy stuff, which means we have to work to get our kids to like the foods that are best for them. If your child refuses to eat a new food (like many children do), don’t persist. Creating tension, stress and tears will just create a negative association with that food. Children need as many fifteen introductions to a new item before we can sure they really dislike it, so keep trying in a polite and casual way. Stay positive at every attempt.


Christina PlejdrupGuest Blog by Christina Plejdrup, Mom and Inventor of the Minkey

Christina Plejdrup is a mother of a 3-year-old girl, Oliva, who tried many different winter products to see if she could find anything that could get her daughter to keep her gloves on as well as her hat and scarf. Christina tried everything, but nothing worked!

After several failed attempts to get her daughter to keep her gloves, hat and scar on, Christina designed her own solution! It worked like a charm and when they would walk through their neighborhood, several parents asked where they found such a unique and practical winter garment.  This is when the Minkey (as her daughter calls it) was born.

The Minkey is a unique 3-in-1 winter hat, gloves and scarf for babies and toddlers. It’s easy to use and goes great under any jacket, snowsuit or vest, and children have plenty of comfort and movement. They will always stay warm and dry where it is important while out in the cold.

The Minkey is now an award-winning product adored by parents and kids all over the globe!  Visit http://www.theolie.com for more information.

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