10 Social Distancing-Friendly Activities to Try During Father's Day

dad reading to baby father's day

Are you stumped trying to figure out what to do for Father’s Day this year? 

You’re not alone! Father’s Day might look a little different this year, especially if your favorite destinations like movie theatres or zoos are still closed near your house.

Don’t worry! We’ve got plenty of ideas and we’ve rounded them up here. 

1. Create an Obstacle Course

Love adventure? Create an obstacle course in your own backyard. You can make the standard obstacles (jump over a hula hoop, run three times around the bush, etc), but if you’re feeling really creative, you can turn the backyard into a giant “escape room.” At its most basic, you need to need to make a set of clues. Just make sure the last clue leads to the door back inside. Easy peasy!

2. Have a Dance Party

What’s more fun than a dance party? As an added bonus, a dance party can tire out younger kids, making bedtime even easier. Afterward, you can get the baby ready for bed, put on his baby swaddle, and then choose another activity on this list for the “big kids” to spend some quality time with dad!


3. Plan a Game Day

That’s right -- not game night. Make a whole day out of it! Fun ideas include:

*Board games like Monopoly, Sorry, Blockus, Shoots and Ladders, Life, and so many more
*No-prep games like tag, hide and seek, freeze tag, ring-around-the-rosy, etc.
*Video games -- there’s plenty of family-friendly versions like Wii Sports or Mario Kart
*Sports including kickball, catch, shooting hoops, riding bikes 

What are your favorite games? 


4. Backyard BBQ Game

Dads love a good BBQ, but this year, change it up a little bit! Together, you and the kids can create some of dad’s favorites. Whether that’s smoked ribs, hamburgers, strawberry pie -- focus on his favorite summer foods -- just make sure he doesn’t see you making it. Then, before it’s time to eat, play a game. Blindfold Dad and have him guess what he’s eating. 

5. Go to the Movies…

… in your backyard! If you have access to a projector, set up a “drive-in” movie in your yard. You can project onto a screen or even a big white sheet. If you don’t have access to a projector, no worries. Plan a cozy movie night after a fun day of other activities on this list. 

Whip up a batch of popcorn, let Dad choose the movie, and cuddle in! 

Tip: Get everyone in their pajamas (or sleep sacks for the littlest ones) before the movie begins!


6. Make a Craft

There’s no limit to homemade crafts that your little ones can make for dad. A few ideas include:

*Handmade cards
*Handprints with poems 
*Decorated frames with a picture of dad and all the kids
*Handwritten poems or stories
*Scribbles or abstract art

7. Put on a Play

Do your little ones love to entertain? Act out a favorite movie or TV show. You can use puppets, dolls, or simply act out the parts yourselves. If you’re not into acting, you can turn the show into a musical show or a Karaoke contest. 


8. Go Camping

dad camping father's day activities

Does Dad love a good adventure? You can go camping for a weekend getaway as long as your local campgrounds have re-opened to the public. If you’re not quite as adventurous (or if your local campgrounds aren’t open yet), you can test run a campout in your own backyard. You can include lots of other activities on this list (like #4 and #7) while on your very own campout.


9. Go on a Picnic

It’s refreshing to spend time in nature and a picnic is a family-friendly way to explore the great outdoors. In addition to your favorite picnic foods, don’t forget to back some balls or bubbles. Let the little kids play while you sit back and enjoy the sunshine.


10. Fly a Kite…

… on the beach. Beaches are another family favorite, and there’s something for all dads to enjoy on the beach. You can play volleyball, fly a kite, or build sandcastles. Make it a family sport and see who can build the tallest tower. 

dad  playing with kid on beach father's day activities


What Are You Doing This Father’s Day?

No matter which activity you choose, the important thing is to let Dad know that you love him. How will you celebrate Dad this year?

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