10 Exercises To Reduce Stress While Homeschooling

By Amanda Dudley

With the COVID-19 pandemic, homeschooling has become a norm. Even if people weren’t mandated to stay indoors, there are too many strict guidelines for when they should interact outdoors. All of these have resulted in previously regular activities, such as taking kids to school, becoming more stressful.

To eliminate this stress, innovative solutions like Google classroom for homeschool are becoming more popular. Parents are simply opting for homeschooling their kids nowadays. When compared to finding schools that are actually in session, homeschooling seems like the simpler option, but is it?


Homeschooling Tips

Homeschooling (especially when you are a single parent) can be stressful. However, some homeschool tips can help. They include: 

  • Creating a daily schedule

Create an easy study schedule that you can keep to. This way, you get used to it and ensure consistency. 

  • Setting up a conducive learning environment

Not all kids learn things the same way. Understand your child’s learning pattern and create an environment around that pattern. It will reduce your chances of finding teaching stressful.

  • Leveraging online learning resources

There are tons of educational sites that provide free learning resources. The best way for kids to learn is through visuals and audio aids. 

  • Incorporating exercises and other activities

Learning does not have to be rigid for you or your kid. A great way to keep the entire experience fun for your kid while relieving stress for yourself is to exercise. However, knowing which exercises to engage in can be tricky. The good news is that this is the main homeschooling tip that we will look into in this article. 


A major problem with homeschooling is that it can put incredible amounts of stress on you as a parent. For one, sitting in one spot for extended periods while teaching kids can become very uncomfortable. The temptation to also eat junk food just to keep up with the stress could be high. 


Now, you’re here because you want to avoid these pitfalls. So, what do you do to keep fit and reduce stress while homeschooling your kids? The answer is simple - you exercise.


What kinds of exercises to practice exactly? Below, we will highlight 10 exercises that can help reduce the stress that comes with homeschooling your kid.


Exercises To Reduce Homeschooling Stress

  • Yoga

Yoga is a great stress reliever. It aids flexibility and helps you clear your mind and focus. 

It also helps with body awareness and sharpens your concentration levels. 


  • Swimming

Swimming helps to keep your heart fit. It reduces tension accumulated in your bones as a result of the stress that comes from homeschooling your kids all week. What’s more? It’s a great way to cool off - literally.


  • Walking

This is a form of exercise that does not affect much of your work schedule. You can take a walk during lunch break, before showering, or on your way to the grocery store. 

Walking can be done on your terms. It builds muscle strength while helping you clear your head from stressing about the kids. 


  • Dancing

Dancing increases the level of serotonin (which is a natural mood stabilizer)  in your system and reduces stress, depression, and anxiety. 

You don't have to be a great dancer before you start doing this form of exercise. With time, you will get used to it. All you have to do is move your body to the rhythm of your preferred music and the rest will come naturally. 


  • Running

Running improves your cardiovascular health. It’s similar to walking in the way it improves blood circulation while helping you let off some steam and clear your head.


  • Weight lifting

You are probably wondering how doing something so strenuous can help alleviate stress. Lifting weights builds your muscles, your confidence, and your self-worth. Having a good self-image will translate into a happier you when homeschooling your child. This positive energy will be transferred to the kid and they will be more open to learning. This eventually makes the homeschooling process easier for you.


  • Boxing

Accumulating stress without having a way to let off some steam will get you frustrated. You may end up venting your frustrations on people that don't deserve it. 

Boxing helps you build endurance while blowing off some steam and reducing stress.


  • Stretching

After a long day of homeschooling, your bones will be tensed. Stretch them out a little and hold your stretched poses for as long as you can. It helps reduce stress and ease the tension in your bones. 


  • Team Sports

Sports like ping pong, tennis and football involve teamwork. They help you strategize and play as part of a team. They also help you with breathing and give you a sense of fulfillment needed to navigate the minefield of having your kids at home all day. 


  • Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises help you focus. They clear your airways and help you think better. This is vital because you need your wits about you when homeschooling your kids. So, practice your breathing today.



Exercising has several benefits and some of them include the fact that it relaxes your body and puts you in a better mood, helps with combating depression and reduces the risk of having chronic diseases. It also improves your memory, mental health and the quality of your sleep as a parent. If you’re homeschooling your kids and need a stress reliever, try engaging in the exercises we’ve recommended.



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