Zipadee-Zip® Swaddle Transition

How it works

Designed for deeper sleep

The secret to the Zipadee-Zip’s success is the patented starfish shape. Slight resistance in the wingspan creates the same comforting, womb-like experience as a swaddle, but with enough room for your baby to safely push up if they roll over. It’s easy to use, too. Just zip your little one into the Zipadee-Zip and watch them drift off to dreamland.

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The science behind it

The moro reflex FPO

Babies are born with a Moro reflex that causes them to jolt awake when they’re startled or feel like they’re falling.

Why swaddling? FPO

Swaddling helps calm a newborns Moro reflex by recreating the comforting, enclosed feeling of the womb.

When to stop swaddling? FPO

But the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you stop swaddling once your baby shows signs of trying to roll over.

Why Zipadee-Zip? FPO

The Zipadee-Zip aids with swaddle transition, providing a womb-like feel but with enough room for baby to safely push up if they roll over.

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