5 Tips for A Good Night's Sleep While Traveling with Kids

By Michael Gorman


If you have recently become a parent, or you have not had the chance to go for your usual vacations since you became a parent, you will soon learn that traveling with kids is a world different from traveling without kids. For what it is worth, traveling with kids is a lot more stressful. 


One thing that you will look forward to during your travel is getting a good rest for yourself and your child. It is probably one of the hardest bit of your travel plans and processes.


Summer is around the corner, and the worry for traveling parents, as usual, is getting a good rest with their kids. You should know that this is less challenging if you have planned ahead for it. With these 5 tips, you can get a good night's sleep while traveling with kids.


Adjust to local time ASAP

This is a very useful tip for parents that are traveling into a part of the world that has different time zones from theirs. Acclimatizing with the change might take you a few days normally. That is why it is best that you start to train your body with the local time of that city beforehand. This will help you adjust naturally once you get there.


One way you can do this is to take three to five days before you travel and start to adjust your sleep with the time zone of the city you are going to. You can also make adjustments in your eating routine just before you travel. This will make it easier for you and your kid(s) to adjust and adapt to the time zone of your travel location quickly by changing the circadian rhythm.


However, this is not necessary if it is a short-term trip and the time zones are the same or similar.


Continue with your normal routine

Trying to maintain your daily routine will help you adapt to a new environment. In this case, it will help you sleep better. Start your day at the normal or equivalent time as you would ‘at home,’ eat at the same time, and ensure that the kids do not stay up late.


If you have a bedtime routine that you carry out in your home, continue with it. If you sing them to sleep or read a book at night, stick to your routine. Irrespective of the new environment, this tells your kids that it is time to sleep. Make sure you are consistent with your routine and predictable with it like you're at home.



Take sleeping aids along

Sleeping aids always come in handy when you are on a vacation with kids. These aids can help you and the kids get a good night’s rest. For your kids, you can carry along some of their toys that they sleep with or some of those things that are usually a part of their bedtime routine. 


Things like face masks, scented candles, bath oils, etc. are some things that can help you, the parent, sleep better. These will help you unwind and feel relaxed. If you also have a facial routine that you do before going to bed or any other routine, you should carry them along.


Some useful sleeping aid for your travels are weighted blankets, white noise app, strollers, and sheets. All of these can improve your mood and help you to sleep better.


Take midday naps

Take moments during the day to regularly take a nap and relax. Do this as often as is necessary for you. This keeps you refreshed for a long while and reduces stress. Although it might be difficult to do this if you already have your day booked. So, you should plan your outings around the time when your kids are also having their nap. This allows you to take advantage of the moment to rest as well.


As much as possible, you should not skip your kid’s nap time, so they do not feel cranky. If you are having trouble with naps during the daytime, try to make bedtime earlier that night. So you can rest at night as well.


Be flexible with your plans

Vacations are avenues for fun. So, it really isn’t time for you to be rigid. It is important that you plan beforehand as a lack of a plan can wear you out very quickly. But as much as you possibly can, you should be flexible with your vacation plans. It is good that you have your day scheduled but you should also know that it might not follow that schedule in the long run. For instance, if you are unable to visit all the places you planned to visit for a day and you are already tired, you should call it off, and get a good rest. You can then reschedule the next day to visit those places.


The places that you visit first should be those that everybody is excited about. This reduces the disappointment in case you are unable to visit everywhere as planned and this allows you to sleep better with your kids.


Traveling, on its own, is stressful. The fact that you are traveling with a kid makes it more stressful. So, it is important for you to anticipate some inconveniences and make plans to foil them. 



Traveling normally takes a lot of plans, but if you are going to travel with kids, then you need even extra planning. But if you are going to be spending time with your family and having some fun and memorable moments together, then it is definitely worth it. With these tips, you and your children can get a great night's sleep!





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