How to Choose Extracurricular Activities for Your Children So They Won't Hate Them

How to Choose Extracurricular Activities for Your Children So They Won't Hate Them


By Taylor Brouwer

It's no secret that extracurricular activities are a
great way to fight a child's boredom with benefits for them. But, unfortunately, choosing something appropriate can be difficult. On the contrary, finding the best possible extracurricular activity for your kid can be a challenge. You should always come up with something your kid would like. Besides, the most suitable afterschool activities also depend on your child’s age and preferences. You should not forget about kids’ talents as well. Older kids can easily recognize what they like the most. Younger children need more directions from their parents to choose something to be busy with after school.

School students may need some small directions. You can offer them a few options to choose from themselves. It can be even better if your children make their own decisions. Thus, they will be more responsible for their results. Sometimes, parents even come up with additional activities. They can start various educational and sports clubs. Sure, it is only in a case your school does not provide any. In fact, there are many ways you can find the best activities for your children.


How to Pick out Extracurricular Activities

In search of the most suitable extracurricular activities, you can contact your school, local community representatives, or start your club. Many activities are often sponsored by local community organizations. Thus, you can let your kid join a local newspaper club, advertise classes for children, etc. Sure, this is not the best activity for 6 year old. For younger kids, you need to be more careful with your choices.

You must never overschedule your child. With way too many tasks on their schedule, kids often lose any desire to participate in any activity. You need to motivate your kid to participate in the chosen extracurricular, but never make them hate what they do. Kids need to have a free-extracurricular activities day. They also need to have free time to restore their energy.


What to Do if Your Kid Wants Quit Activities

Many attempts to provide your kid with extracurricular activities end with kids wanting to quit them fast. At some point, every parent deals with such a dilemma. It can even be the certain activity the kids have suggested themselves. The lack of motivation can be a cause. Also, they can simply have no talent and interest in the chosen activity. Or other activities can be more important for them to waste their time on something insignificant.

What should you do in such a situation? Surely not end up complaining “my son wants nothing to do with me” after forcing your kid to continue with activities. Forcing your kids to do something they don’t like is wrong. Still, if they quit fast, how to teach them commitment? If you want your kids to be happy, never force any activities they despise. 

Let them choose one activity per year that they really like. They need to select something that keeps them motivated and lets them broaden their perspectives. If you decide on a certain activity per season, explain to your kid they need to be involved during an entire season. In such a case, even once quitting, they would know they tried their best and accomplished something with their commitment.

As some sort of help in making choices, try to guide your child and offer them options. In order to understand what activities might interest your child, first find out what direction they are more interested in: sports, creativity, etc. Don't ask directly - find out by interest in appropriate games. For example, organize your "summer camp" at home and fill it with games and activities of all kinds, and then observe what attracts your child the most.

How to End Up with the Right Activities

There are some big “no's” for parents when they help their kids to choose their activities. For instance, when deciding on extracurricular activities for teens, never make a choice for your child. You cannot live your dreams through your kid. It will never be fair or right at this point. Your child is an individual with their preferences, talents, and dislikes. They can simply have no interest in the activity you offer. Thus, they will never succeed in the chosen extracurricular. Moreover, struggling through activities they dislike only to make their parents happy is never a good motivation for a child. It takes away the choice and proper motivation to keep up with the activities.

You should always listen to your child. Older kids already know what they like and what they dislike. They can stick with a chosen activity if they are interested in it or want to accomplish more. Besides, if they have natural talents, it makes them even more competitive. Thus, they can reach a lot in the chosen activity. When the kid is young, you should let them test many extracurricular activities. Therefore, your child will decide for themselves what they prefer. Once they make their own decision, your kid’s commitment will be much higher. Besides, they will be responsible for results. It will help your child to grow more dedicated and focused on their accomplishments.


It is great if your kid likes their extracurricular activities. It is even better when they have natural talents and can easily succeed. To reach such a result, your child needs to be interested in what they are doing. Besides, being passionate about their activities is also good. You should pay attention to what your kid likes. It is normal to let your kid quit some activities they do not like. Let them make their choice, stay committed, and be responsible for their results. In such a case, they will grow up responsible and quite competitive with the focus only on main life goals.

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