Gift Ideas for Kids Who Have Everything

By Heather Burdo

Most parents would agree that Christmas is one of the best times of the year. You get to watch your child run to the Christmas tree and be amazed by all the gifts. Not to mention, the best part - as a parent - is just being with everyone on that special day.

It can be fun to shop for gifts to put under the tree that are going to make your child’s eyes light up as they scream for joy on Christmas morning.

But what if your child already has everything? You don’t want to just keep buying “stuff” that is going to be crammed under the bed and have piles of toys around their room that they never play with.

Consider FUN Learning Toys

There’s a difference between plain learning toys and fun learning toys. Take Osmo for example - It’s a game that will keep your child’s interest but also spark their creativity. There are plenty of coding games online and physical coding games you can buy. Most kids love coding and it’s a great skill to learn.

Light drawing pads can be a fun toy as well. Not to mention, it would be ideal to bring along when you have to venture out on a long car ride.

Science kits are usually a hit for kids. You can always join in on their science experiment to make it more special.

Another idea is an interactive globe. Your child will be able to learn fun, interesting facts about the world. At the same time, they will think it’s fun because it’s interactive.

Memories Last Longer Than Toys

Kids outgrow toys all the time. They could be into Minecraft for a month then switch over to dinosaurs. It’s hard to keep up. Depending on your child’s age, he or she may just be ecstatic if one of their gifts is to go on a trip or somewhere special as a family.

Some ideas for memories to make:

  • Family trip to Lego World, family resort (cheaper end), or something similar (even for 2 nights)
  • Hotel stay with pool access (arcade a plus)
  • Skiing or skating lessons
  • Bowling gift card and go as a family
  • Concert tickets
  • Arcade gift card for the family
  • Indoor/outdoor water park

While you can take advantage of the above ideas for things to do as a family, you can also gift experiences for just them.

Some ideas:

  • Tickets to the class they have been wanting to take
  • Shoes for ballet, soccer, or other sport
  • New basketball for their new passion for basketball
  • Art classes
  • Karate class
  • Swimming lessons
  • Dance lessons

Note: Whether you choose to gift a family trip or a solo experience - or even both - you can still wrap the gift so your child has something to open. Put the ticket or picture of the place in a little gift card box and wrap it up with a bow. It will make it more exciting to open.

Subscription Box

A great gift that can last for months to come is a subscription box. There are all sorts of subscription boxes for kids. A lot of them are learning-based but also fun to keep your child interested.

Some ideas for subscription boxes are Little Passports, KidPik, TinkerCrate, Bitsbox, Kidbox, Sensory Theraplay Box, and more. All you have to do is a quick search on what type of subscription box you’re looking for. From there, you will be able to choose the one that suits your child the best.

Some toys are fine to purchase, especially if you think they will play with them. If your child has everything, though, it’s probably best to lean towards gifting a few experiences to replace a few toys. You can’t replace memories so it’s one of the most valuable gifts to give.

If you have any other gift ideas for kids who have everything, please let us know in the comments. Let’s wrap up Christmas shopping with a few meaningful gifts that will still light up your child’s eyes.


Heather is a freelance writer from New York. When she isn't writing about parenting, she is tending to her own two handsome boys. She enjoys all things related to motivation and mindset. All work aside, she enjoys activities outdoors and being with her family. 

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