7 Ideas for Experiences as Gifts for Father’s Day

Gifts for Father’s Day

By Balint Horvath

It’s almost time for Father’s day and you might be wondering what to get for the man in your life. Whether it’s your own father or the soul mate you share your beautiful children with, deciding on the perfect gift can be quite challenging. 

I’m a dad who needs nearly nothing so even for me it can be hard to surprise myself with a present, let alone for my fiancée.

There’s a whole different route you could go with your gift idea this year. One that your loved one won’t admit he wants or needs but secretly does. I’m of course referring to an experience gift. 

Experience gifts are becoming all the rage. Rather than giving your special person a material gift, give them a voucher to enjoy and experience something they’ve always dreamed of. Here are some unusual experience gift ideas that will make the amazing dad in your life feel extra special!



  •  A Car Riding Experience - Ferrari or Drag Racing

If your special man is a fan of fast cars, then this is the gift for him. Watching fast cars at the movies is one thing, but actually having the opportunity to drive a luxury sports car at top speeds will be an amazing experience for any dad. 

Take dad’s love for supercars or unusual drag racing cars a step further than his hot wheels collection. If he prefers to watch rather than take part, scout around for tickets to a car show, monster truck or drag-racing event. A gift certificate for a supercar or drag racing driving experience will be an unforgettable experience! Trust me on this one!


  • For Dads Who Love Building - Model Cars/Airplanes/Lego Sets

Truth be told, not all dads are fast car fanatics. Some dads enjoy building things. And I’m not talking about building things around the home. If this is the man in your life, it’s time to consider gifting him a large K’Nex set compatible with Lego (since he might already have Lego sets at home). 

An alternative in the model building category is the large variety of model cars or airplanes to choose from. Options such as World War II planes or classic sports cars should provide hours of fun! When giving this experience, don’t forget to give him the time to complete the building project! 


  • Fathers that Love Flying - Hot Air Balloon Ride or Airplane Flying Lessons 

For the dad who loves flying, there’s always a hot air balloon ride. Here you can be creative and give two tickets. That way the experience can be shared since a hot air balloon ride is only fun if shared with someone! 

If the special dad in your life has always dreamed of learning to fly his own airplane, another wonderful experience gift is a couple of flying lessons. A trip around the city in a helicopter could also be a great treat. Simply search the possible flying options around your area and choose the one he’d love the most. 


  • Fathers Who Want to Relax - Fishing or Camping Experience

For the father who has a busy schedule and works long hours, the ideal gift is some downtime in the form of a fishing or camping trip. This might be an experience that would depend on the season or dad’s schedule. 

Not only will dad get some much-needed relaxation but will also get to do something he doesn’t usually have time for! 


  • Experiences for Dads Who Love Food - Food Tour/Cheese and Wine Tasting/Cooking Classes

If dad is the type of guy who loves all things food-related (like me), then a food tour through the city is a brilliant idea. You can also arrange a cheese and wine tasting session. If you think your special guy will benefit (or enjoy) from a few cooking lessons, you can easily arrange a few classes. 

Try to be original here and find a type of cuisine that he hasn’t made before. Let him experience something new!


  • Experience for Beer Enthusiasts - Brewery Tour/Crafting Beer/Lobster and Beer Restaurants

A few gift vouchers for a brewery tour is a great gift to spoil a dad who enjoys a good beer. Check if there are any beer festivals in your area. A gift voucher to a lobster and beer restaurant in the area for a Friday night is another experience that’s not only relaxing but fun too!


  • Experience for Artists - Museum Tours/Art Gallery Tours/Painting Lessons

What could be more relaxing than a museum tour or visit to an art gallery if the dad in your life enjoys the finer things in life? With so many museums around, it should be easy to find the right one. Don’t forget to include a few painting lessons if the special dad’s hobby is not only to appreciate art but to do it as well!


Final Thoughts

Father’s day is the one day of the year that’s put aside for showing appreciation to the special man in your life. Do it differently this year by investing in an experience rather than a material gift. Experiences are fun, memorable and will get your special guy to do something he actually wants to do. 

The fun thing about experience gifts is that they don’t have to be used on the day. You can buy the gift vouchers and let the special dad set the date for a time that is most convenient for him. Some experiences might be more enjoyable in a different season so, be sure to buy gift vouchers with extended periods. Spoil the man in your life this fathers day! Give him an experience gift he will never forget!





Balint Horvath is the founder of Projectfather. He's a first-time father and when his daughter doesn’t occupy him, he is a productivity coach. He started the site to share his lessons learned, research he has made along his journey. His Mission Is to help Dads in A-Z of Fatherhood.