3 Ways These Teether Toy Animals Will Help Baby Chew Through Teething With Ease!

3 Ways These Teether Toy Animals Will Help Baby Chew Through Teething With Ease!


It isn’t easy growing up! Learn how to sit, crawl, walk, and eat. But, the most painful is arguably growing their first teeth. Eek! Every baby knows what trouble is when teething starts. Sleeping Baby teether toys may become your faithful companion through one of the biggest childhood challenges.

Soothe & Calm

Irritability, trouble sleeping, and loss of appetite are just a few teething symptoms, typically starting between 6 and 12 months. Those days can be exhausting not just for babies but for parents, too. Wet cloth, frozen fruit, you would do anything to relieve the pain and soothe your cutie pie. Your baby will start to suck on anything and everything. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends several ways for treating teething pain, like rubbing or massaging gums or giving a teething ring and toy to a baby. Help take the pain out of your little one’s mouth with Sleeping Baby trendy teether frog, bear, or elephant. There are various fun designs to go with any outfit or nursery theme.

100% Safe Food Grade Silicone 

Baby teethers come in different materials, such as wood, plastic, or silicone. Physicians give recommendations when choosing a teether toy for infant teething relief. You should avoid necklaces, bracelets and jewelry, baby items that contain batteries or latex, and liquid-filled toys. Our teether toys are made with BPA-free material, non-toxic, and use simple packaging. Textured silicone on each one makes it easy for little hands to hold, play, and chew.

Easy Clean-up 

Since your little one will be putting their new favorite friend in their mouth, you want to be sure that it’s made of safe materials and that it is easy to clean to avoid mold growing inside. This “No Hole” design won’t have any hidden water to grow molds like other baby teethers. Just rinse this toy under warm water with soap and dry with a towel.

Every day with baby can bring challenges, especially when you’re a new parent. Why not make them easier? If you’re thinking about baby shower gifts and baby essentials, add Sleeping Baby’s little friends to that baby necessities list. Help avoid headaches that come with the baby’s first teeth. 

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3 Ways These Teether Toy Animals Will Help Baby Chew Through Teething With Ease!