Littlest Lilac Flying Squirrel

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This Flying Squirrel is made from our softest knit, cotton blend fabric. The breathable plush and gentle stretch of this pajama will keep your active toddler cozy and comfortable all night long, without the worry of kicking off loose blankets. When night is over, flip open the convertible hand and foot covers to free those fingers and toes for morning playtime! Take note, these PJs are made to fit baggy and run big, making them perfect for toddlers that are inclined to sudden growth spurts.

  • 55% cotton / 45% modacrylic
  • Comfortable year-round
  • Recommended: 74-76 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Machine Wash inside-out, tumble dry low

More Sizing Tips:


Our Flying Squirrel PJ was created out of an expressed need from our customers for a next step up from the Zipadee-Zip. It has optional hand and foot coverings which make it ideal for little ones who kick their blankets off. The Flying Squirrel is NOT intended to replace the large Zipadee-Zip (we recommend going to the large Zippy before moving to PJs), however the 12-24m size Flying Squirrel is comparable in length to the size large Zipadee-Zip. The reason we recommend going to the Large Zipadee-Zip after the Medium Zipadee-Zip and not straight to the Flying Squirrel from a Medium Zippy is because the Large Zippy still provides a little one with that fully enclosed feeling while still being loose enough to prepare a little one for that move to PJ’s. We strategically size the Zipadee-Zips so that moving to PJ’s at around 18-24 months is super easy! The 12-24 Month/2T Flying Squirrel size is more geared towards the upper end of that age range but because of the way they fit (the bagginess in the arms and legs can moderate the fit (lengthened or shortened) by the wrist and ankle cuffs so they are also perfect for younger toddlers as well.

SIZE 2/3T:

This size fits a toddler that wears from 3T up to size 6 in children's clothes. That’s what is so great about the flying squirrel… the bagginess in the fit allows a toddler to wear them for a long time and be able to pull the ankle cuffs down to convert them to socks! The wrist cuffs can also turn into mittens as well! If your child has outgrown the size Large Zipadee-Zip, the 2/3T Flying Squirrel is the next step up in sizing.

SIZE 4/5T:

This fits a child that wears from size 6 up to a 9/10 in children's clothes. They are generously sized so they can be adjusted to cover the hands and feet if desired.