Finn Fleece Zipadee-Zip-for-a-Cause!

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This is one of our Zipadee-Zips-for-a-Cause! 10% of the sale will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House and an additional $1 will go towards sweet Finn's family's hospital bills!  Read more about little Finn's Story below.

  • 100% polyester
  • Comfortable for fall/winter
  • Recommended: 70-72 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Machine wash inside-out, tumble dry low


  • Size Small is approximately 25 inches long
  • Size Medium is approximately 30 inches long
  • Size Large is approximately 35 inches long 
  • Size Extra Large is approximately 45 inches long
(Please note sizing listed above is before washing. Industry allows for up to a 2 inch variance from listed sizing.)
Warning: The Zipadee-Zip is intended for sleeping only and should not be worn for running or walking to avoid risk of injury.


Purchase for a loved one OR purchase to DONATE a Finn Zipadee-Zip for a family in need!  If you would like to donate, simply select "Donate" in the size drop-down!   Any Zipadee-Zips purchased as donations will be handed out to families in need by Kelly herself! 


We are so excited to announce a fantastic partnership with the Ronald McDonald House as well as a chance to support an amazing family!! 

When you purchase this adorable anchor and heart print Zipadee-Zip, 10% of the sale will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House and an additional $1 will go towards sweet Finn's family's hospital bills!  Read more about little Finn's Story here:

One Family's Heartbreak Inspires A Baby's Heartbeat

Brett and Stephanie Parker were Featured on ABC's Shark Tank where they shared their story of losing a baby and how their customers helped them heal in a unique way. After the show aired, they were so touched by all the people that reached out to them but one particular email stood out, one from expecting mother, Kelly Blumenthal.  Kelly was inspired by the Parkers' loss to fight for the baby in her womb that doctors told her had little to no chance at life.  Sleeping Baby fans surrounded the baby in prayer and support and little Finn was born on January 2nd, 2015!  Finn means 'little warrior' and, true to his name, he began to fight!  Not only did Sleeping Baby fans pray for and love that little boy but an amazing organization supported and loved the Blumenthal family through it all as well.  The Ronald McDonald House was their support system through the many challenging months at the hospital.  The RMH makes it possible for families like Finn's to stay close to their little ones during some of the most difficult days of their little lives.  Stephanie Parker, the inventor of the Zipadee-Zip, designed the Finn print Zipadee-Zip and Flying Squirrel PJ to help raise money for this amazing organization and family!   

“This is what it’s all about," Stephanie Parker says, "helping families in a ‘big picture’ kind of way!  We feel like this business has been such an incredible gift from God and it is a great honor to be able to help others however we can!” 

Join the Parker Family and Sleeping Baby to support this incredible organization and a beautiful family! 

Coupons are not applicable to Zipadee-Zips-for-a-Cause.  We want to be able to raise as much as we can for this incredible organization!  Thank you so much for your support!

More Sizing Tips:


The small Zipadee-Zip is geared towards the 12-18 or 19 pound mark and is designed for babies up to 6 months old. Some little ones use the small until 22lbs. The length of the zipper alone on all the Zipadee-Zips is 24 inches (remember that a baby’s head makes up a good portion of their height so the small will fit most little ones under that 6 month mark with no problem.

If a mom is using the Zippy as a SWADDLE TRANSITION and their little one is around 17-18 lbs and is under 6 months old, I really recommend getting the Small for the transition. I recommend the smaller fit to start because there is more resistance in that wing-span which gives the baby more of a feeling of being enclosed and cozy. This womb-like sensation is what helps ease the transition off of the swaddle.

Under 6 months old, a baby’s startle reflex will still be coming into play and the Zipadee-Zip is most effective if there’s slight resistance in the arm-span of the fit so a baby has to push on the fabric a little to extend fully. That slight resistance is what gives a little one the sense of enclosure they need to soothe the startle, and feel nice and cozy during the transition off of the swaddle. Some moms who have never swaddled their little ones will use the Zipadee-Zip to transition a baby from sleeping in a swing or a Rock and Play sleeper to a crib and a snugger fit is encouraged for that transition as well.

If your baby weighs above 18 pounds they are on the cusp of moving to a Medium and may not be in the Small for very long (although my daughter wore her small until she was over 22lbs) which is why parents will usually get a Small for an easier transition and a Medium for once the baby is comfortable with the new-found freedom. If you decide to go with a size Medium so that your little one can grow into it, make sure to do nap times in the Zipadee-Zip first for a while before moving to night time sleep. That will help ease your little one into the freedom over a shorter period of time. Ideally you want to have resistance in the arm span if you are transitioning from the swaddle.

If a mom is only using the Zippy as an alternative to PJ’s, to keep a baby’s hands warm or to prevent scratching (for babies with eczema for example), there’s no harm in a little extra room. If a baby is on the cusp of moving to a size medium and doesn’t need any help with a transition, going to a larger size is fine.


If your baby is over 6 months old AND over 18lbs, go with the medium. Past 6 months old, the startle reflex has started to subside so it’s easier to make the transition off of the swaddle in a slightly larger size as long as your baby is 18 lbs or over. If your baby is right on the 18lbs mark, and you don’t want to go with the small after reading the information above, a more gradual transition might be helpful if you do decide to go with the medium since there will still be room to grow in that size and there will be less resistance in the arm-span to help with soothing. In the event that your little one is right on cusp of moving between sizes it may help to do naps for a while before night time sleep just so that your little one has more time to get used to the new-found freedom. Most babies wear the Medium until 12 months old or older.

As I stated before, if the Zipadee-Zip is not being used as a transition solution or is not being used to help improve sleep or self-soothing skills, the resistance in the arm-span is not as important and more freedom in the fit will be just fine!


This size is NOT meant for the transition off of the swaddle but after a baby has already made that transition with a smaller size. I also do not recommend skipping the size Medium and going from the Small to the Large. There is a reason behind how the Zipadee-Zips are sized as it provides a gradual transition to full freedom making the move to PJ’s instantaneous and easy! The size Large is very big and can fit most 2.5 year olds. The difference between a size Medium and a size Large is pretty significant. The Large gives a baby lots of extra room with no resistance at all. This is the size you want to move to after the transition and before your little one sleeps freely in normal PJ’s. I highly recommend using the Large for a while before moving to PJ’s. It will still give them the security of being enclosed and cozy but will allow them to get used to moving around completely unrestricted. This size is also a perfect alternative for parents who haven’t swaddled and just want to put their little ones in a wearable blanket that keeps those little hands warm at night and prevents scratching. Parents who have never swaddled or even never used the Zipadee-Zip in smaller sizes will often get the Zipadee-Zip in a Large as a solution to keep their wiggly little toddler from climbing out of the crib. It also has helped a lot of parents make the transition from crib to toddler bed much easier as it encourages little ones to stay in their bed.