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Classic Gray Zipadee-Zip

$ 32.95
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    You can't go wrong with this classic take on our star product. Zip your little one up in our Classic Gray Zipadee-Zip for a good nights sleep.

    Zipadee-Zip is an innovative swaddle transition solution. Our starfish design provides a cozy enclosed feeling and sensation like a swaddle but gives your baby full range of motion so they can move freely and soothe themselves to sleep. Zipadee-Zip will help your baby get better sleep so you can too!

      • 96% polyester / 4% spandex

      • Comfortable year-round

      • Recommended: 74-76 degrees Fahrenheit

      • Machine wash inside-out, tumble dry low


      • Size Small is approximately 25 inches long

      • Size Medium is approximately30 inches long

      • Size Large is approximately35 inches long

      • Size Extra Large is approximately45 inches long

    (Please note sizing listed above is before washing. Industry allows for up to a 2 inch variance from listed sizing.)

    Warning: The Zipadee-Zip is intended for sleeping only and should not be worn for running or walking to avoid risk of injury.