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Swaddling is not a new thing; the earliest evidence of swaddling dates back 4,000 BC. In the recent years, researchers and scientist have stepped in and strongly recommended swaddling to newborns claiming that it makes them feel like there are back to their mother’s womb. A recent study by the Academy of Pediatric concluded that swaddled babies have a better sleep than non-swaddled babies. 

The forthcoming information gives you more reasons why you must consider swaddles for newborns. 

Reduces SIDS

A study published in the Journal of Pediatrics in the year 2007 indicated that the primary reason why any parent should consider swaddles is because they reduce the rate of SIDS( sudden infant death syndrome). There are few chances that a newborn baby will cover his or her heads inadvertently with bedding when on a swaddle, or even flip over onto the stomach, both of which is linked to alarming rates of SIDS in the U.S. 


Swaddles may not necessarily sooth a crying baby immediately or even lull them to sleep, but the nagging process of swaddling makes them frustrated, probably crying louder, but when done correctly will help a newborn to sooth himself which in one way or another encourages better sleep. 

Better neuromuscular development

Swaddling brings more benefits beyond warmth and comfort. The Academy of Pediatric study showed that swaddling has an enormous positive significance to the baby neuromuscular development despite the fact many parents would argue otherwise. Many would feel that a newborn needs to have free movements of hands, and swaddling them will only limit movements. While this is partly true, it’s very important to note that most movements from a newborn are either unintentional or just random, so immobilizing them is the only way one can enhance their motor skills. 

Stimulates sleep continuity

There is no doubt that good swaddle will calm down an infant and help them have a better sleep. There are fewer chances of a baby startling him or her awake with unintentional arm and leg movements. Remember that a newborn is supposed to sleep at least 18 hours in a day, and your responsibility as a parent is to assist them settle into long sleep windows, and the best way to do that is to swaddle them. 

Establishes a sleep schedule

Some newborns are 'night owls’ something you probably noticed when you were pregnant, and they will literally be awake just when you are about to hit the hay. To be honest, there is not much you can do about that, at least at initial stages, but with swaddles, you have a chance to establish a sleeping schedule with him or her; every time the swaddling process begins, they will start to understand that’s it’s time to sleep. 

Of course, none of these swaddles benefits will matter unless you are going to execute recommended products or proper ways of swaddling. Swaddling is highly recommended as long as you how to do it right whether you are using a purpose fitted swaddle wrap or you are doing it the old way - with a blanket.

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