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Mothers around the world are often worried about the baby’s comfort, and while there are many products in the market that are aimed for that purpose, the sleep sacks for babies offer the best solution to better comfort and safety for the baby while sleeping. 

Swaddling a newborn baby in a sleep sack has been proven to be the best way to soothe a newborn baby during the first 6- 8 weeks of their life, mothers around the world are conceding that when their child is swaddled they cry less and sleep more.

Sleep sacks are wearable blankets that are designed to fit comfortably over the baby’s regular sleepwear and may be used to complement the loose blankets in the winter or cold seasons and as a replacement in the summer. The Sleep sacks are made in a way that they can’t be kicked off while the baby is sleeping, but provides ample room for hip development.

Sleep sacks are beneficial to provide safe sleep practices for infants, one of the reasons being that is they tend to kick more and more as they grow older, and move their arms when asleep. It is a primary concern for most mothers as the loose blanket in the crib may fall, be kicked off or cover the face causing interference in breathing. Sleep sacks for babies prevent these scenarios from happening as the baby is snugly tucked in.

For children who cry and are hard to fall asleep, swaddling using sleep sacks for babies is also recommended as it provides comfort to the wrapped baby by reminding him or her of the comfort experienced in the womb, without being too constricting to his movements.

Sleep sacks are made of soft, lightweight and cuddly warm cotton material which is soft to the child’s skin keeps the baby from overheating and helps the skin breath, ensuring that the baby sleeps comfortably and soundly at night.

Sleep slacks also prevent injuries that occur due to the baby climbing out of its crib, or getting stuck by putting his or her legs through the rails of the crib; the provisions made in their design provides leg room provision for kicking and right hip development.

Many hospitals and nurseries are adopting sleep slacks which is a part of promoting safe sleeping practices; this has been driven partly by encouraging good sleeping practices and prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which is one of the most cause of infant death, associated mainly with sleep environment factors.

Sizing Charts

Zipadee Zip

Small 3-6 months 24-28 inches ~12-19lbs
Medium 6-12 months 29-32 inches ~19-26lbs
Large 12-24 months 33-40 inches ~26-34lbs

Flying Squirrel PJs

12-24m 1-3 years up to 39 inches ~26-34lbs
2/3T 3-6 years up to 48 inches ~34-49lbs
4/5T 6-10 years up to 56 inches ~49-87lbs