How to get the most out of naptime
By Brittney StefanicAs a busy mom, naptime never seems long enough. Between work tasks, house chores, self-care… It always seems like the to do list is never ending! If you are hoping to get the most out of your child’s...
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Baby Not Sleeping? Ask the Expert!
  by Brittney Stefanic   When Baby Can’t Sleep: Stories Takeover I recently had the privilege of taking over the Instagram Stories of Sleeping Baby to host a Q&A session about all things sleep. It was incredible! Thousands of exhausted...
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The Importance of Naps for Toddlers
Napping is important for a toddler’s development. How much napping they need is dependent on their age and development level – an 18-month old has different sleep needs than a 12-month old, but they need sleep nevertheless. Naps aren’t just...
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