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The Shepherd's Treasure Book/Doll Set and Advent Cards

$ 43.95
Set includes:
  • Book
  • Shepherd Doll
  • Jesus Doll and Manger
  • 25 Advent Cards + 5 blank cards that can be customized by you!  Each advent card contains a Bible verse and a personal message from your little shepherd!  The advent cards correspond with the activities from our "Ideas for Your Quest" page (link below)!
Watch a video about The Shepherd's Treasure HERE!

Gather the family! Snuggle up with this timeless book that will create memories for years to come!!
It’s a tale of the journey one small shepherd took to find the TRUE meaning of Christmas.
As your shepherd embarks on his Quest, your little ones will learn about God’s great love for us when he sent his son Jesus into this world to save us!

By advent cards, the shepherd is led;
each day a new verse from God’s word to be read.
It’s also a clue of his journey ahead
and a message of joy and good news to be spread!
Visit our 'Ideas for your Quest' page to find all the fun activities your Shepherd can do that correspond with The Shepherd's Treasure Advent Cards.