Top 8 Activities for Father and Baby

Top 8 Activities for Father and Baby
Activities for baby and father
By Joshua Sharp



It is said that being a parent is the greatest job any person can have. There is rarely a feeling equal to that of having a great relationship with your baby. 


For fathers, it may not always come naturally to bond with your baby, but there are activities you can do with your baby that will make the home situation so much better, such as reducing stress while homeschooling. Here are eight activities for the father and baby.


Change your baby’s diaper

Changing your baby’s diaper is something expected of every parent. Yet, it is a common occurrence for some parents to avoid changing their baby’s diaper as much as possible. The activity itself is not glamorous but doing so will make the bond between you and your baby better during the early months. 

This will be a time for you to have a father and baby bonding time by changing your baby’s diaper. The skinship you have during this time will also make it easier for your baby to bond with you better. 


Feeding your baby

You probably have seen those typical movie scenes of the parent trying to feed their baby, and while it may seem cliché, it is a great activity to have between you and your baby. Things can get messy, but that is part of the process. 

If your baby is being difficult about eating his food, you can come in and make the situation more fun, such as making faces or making your baby laugh to get him to eat. 


Giving your baby a bath


Bath time is a great time to bond for you and your baby. Bath times do not have to be run-of-the-mill experiences. Instead, you can add and do a few things to make it fun for your baby, like letting them play with toys or singing a nursery rhyme. 

You get to bond while teaching your baby how to be hygienic. It is intimate moments like this that make for a great activity between a father and his baby.  



Playing games with your baby

Playing games with your baby is a classic example that works every time. There are so many activities you can do even just at home. You can play LEGOs with your baby and help him grow his imagination. You can play simple hide and seek with your baby by simply covering your face and uncovering it for your baby’s amusement. 

As he gets older, you could start hiding around the house. You can even have a tickle party if you want. It is up to you what you want to do as the goal here is just to have fun. 



Reading your baby a bedtime story

Reading and listening to stories is both educational and fun. There is nothing better than for a baby to be tucked in bed while his father reads him a good story. 

This is your chance to share with him some of your favorite bedtime stories as well as discover what literary genres your baby likes. You can even mix things up by changing the main characters or shifting the setting to a more relatable context. 



Taking your baby outside

If you get the chance, take your baby outside to different places. Your baby’s exposure to the outside world will teach him new things and experience precious moments. Go to the beach and build sandcastles together. 


Go to the amusement park or even a water park if you want to be more adventures. Take a walk in the park and go to the playground. Walk the dog with your baby and even exercise by jogging as your baby is in the stroller. 



Being your baby’s first teacher


As the saying goes, parents are the child’s first teachers. As your baby grows up, you are the one who teaches him new things like objects or the numbers 1-10. 

Being your baby’s first teacher does not have to be boring as you can do so many things to make it more fun. Play with blocks to teach your baby about shapes. You can also play with stuffed toys and figurines to teach your baby about animals. 


Watching TV together

An activity you and your baby can do is to watch movies and TV shows together. Show your baby classic cartoons like Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, and SpongeBob SquarePants. This can also be the time where you introduce your baby to childhood classics like Barney, Elmo, and Sesame Street. There are also kid-friendly programming on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. 




It may be hard at first to find time to do activities with your baby, but there is so much you can do in the comfort of your own home. Even the most mundane tasks can be made into a fun activity between you and your baby.






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