Spotlight on Hannah Bailey Miller
Hannah Miller is one of the voices behind Sleeping Baby. She answers customers’ questions and helps bring peace and happiness when our sweet customers express concerns of any kind.  She has become quite the wiz at creating some of our...
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Sleeping Baby Spotlight on Meg Shideler
If the Zipadee-Zip was a subject taught in school, Meg Shideler would have her master’s degree in it. Meg Shideler has been working for Sleeping Baby Inc since 2014. She was the very first employee to work for the company. She currently...
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Employee Spotlight on Jennifer Lindquist
Jennifer Lindquist grew up in Montana and attended Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, where she earned degrees in Business and French, graduating with honors.  As a military wife, Jennifer Lindquist has traveled extensively and has lived in both Europe and the...
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