How to tame your kid’s tantrums

How to tame your kid’s tantrums

 By Lyuthar Jacobs

You might be well aware of the fact that when your infant hit their toddler years, it accompanies a lot of meltdowns! They often throw fits when you have least expected them. There will be times when your kids will completely give up control and start to bawl till you agree with their demands. Be it a toy or a game or anything that they can't have, throwing tantrums to get what they want is the most common behaviour for most toddlers. Usually, this kind of behaviour is observed from the age of two or three. However, there is nothing to panic about.


One solution is to create some rules upfront. This means your kid must obey you. Make them understand that you are not going to budge and this will help your toddler to behave appropriately. Thus, for taming your kid's tantrums, here are few pointers which will help you to keep them under control:



  1. Fix the rules


Any kind of destructive behaviour should be treated with silence and subtle disapproval. Make it clear that if you want them to listen to you, he/she has to calm down first. Before fulfilling their needs, you must ask them to give a valid reason behind their demand. Focus on your child and have a talk with them as calmly as possible. This will ensure that the next time you are out with your kid, he/she will know how to behave in a civilized way.


  1. Distract them


Whenever you feel like your child is going out of control, you can try distracting him/her. There are many kids who would get easily distracted if you tell them a good joke or you can try making an intriguing sound/noise. Howbeit, that only works for some kids. You can try various other tricks to see what works for your kid. For example, buying a gift to your little one could be a smart idea.


  1. Move away when he/she yells


Some kids simply want attention. It doesn’t matter to them if its a negative or a positive one. At such times, you need to stop punishing or yelling at him/her and let them be how they are. You do not have to ignore them totally, simply wait for the moment for them to calm down. Most importantly, don’t give in easily and make them understand that a tantrum isn’t an effective way to get what they want. This act will certainly affect them and the tantrums will occur less frequently.


  1. Communicate in the right way


Teach them the right way to ask for something in a nice manner. If your child needs something, he/she should ask for it without being demanding. Have a conversation with them regarding their behaviour once they calm down and are able to understand. Remind him/her of how they are supposed to ask for things when they are in the thick of it.

  1. Treat your kid for behaving well


Some situations may be too much to handle for your child. During such times, offer him/her a little bribe. You can give them something when they behave nicely for a particular occasion or any other event. This trick will come in handy when your kids start to lose control. It works in a great way, but it should not be used when your kid is in the middle of the fit.

  1. Understand them


Often toddlers throw a fit because he/she might be not comfortable or are anxious about the situation. You need to be around his/her comfort zone. Kids often become cranky when they try a challenging task and cannot succeed at it. They can get annoyed very easily in such uncomfortable situations. Thus, you must try to understand them in such times.

  1. Make them feel protected


Sometimes, kids only need a hug to melt away their anger. By trying to hold them in your arms you can create a calm doing this you can keep him/her from hurting themselves or others. You don’t have to say a word when you are hugging them. This will make your kid feel secure. Knowing they are in a safe place will help them to calm down.

  1. Be soft

You are influencing your kid by the way you behave with them. If he/she is angry at something, you should try not to yell at them, instead try to remain calm. This kind of deed will make a good impact on them. He/she might sometimes feel frustrated without any particular reason, thus try to understand them. If you find that it is getting difficult to manage your child’s anger in a public place you can take him/her to some place else. Once they have settled down try talking to him/her about what's bothering them. 

  1. Give your kid enough space

Understand that your kid might be frustrated about something, so give them some time to calm down . It helps children learn to vent feelings out in a non-destructive way. Afterward, they will be able to pull themselves together and regain self-worth, without engaging in a bawling spree with you. Also, don’t let yourself feel guilty because your toddler has a meltdown. Understand that you are not the reason behind his/her behaviour. Though you need to remember that your child is simply letting their frustrations out. In such times, let them be on their own and you can have a conversation once your kid is in the right head space.


Such tips come really handy when your toddler is whining about everything. Remind yourself not to dwell yourself on the tantrums, however. Instead, assure him/her of your warm hug and join them in the pleasant activity!


Author Bio:-Lyuthar Jacobs is working as a blog editor. He is a type of geek who loves to write on various niche like Parenting, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Money Saving.


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