How to Develop a Child’s Logic with Toys?

How to Develop a Child’s Logic with Toys?
How to Develop a Child’s Logic with Toys?

By Thomas Jackson


Every parent wants their children to develop harmoniously and have the abilities they need to face all the challenges that will come in their lives. Until they mature and have their children, they will go through a long process of improvement and development. Even though many parents would think that children start developing their logic when they grow up, these skills can be practiced with the help of parents. There are many games and toys you, as a parent, can use in the games you play with your child.


And these toys will help them learn more things about the surrounding world, about materials, processes, and many more. Many think that children do not have the cognitive abilities they need to comprehend complex information. But this is not true. Why? Because when babies get born, their neuroplasticity is high, meaning that they can learn and acquire information, even though they cannot express it through language yet. So, it seems that all the premises would make your job of helping your child develop its logic easier. But how to do this?


Water and Sand


The best way to teach your child about the surrounding world and about the elements and objects that surround us is to play with water and sand. Like this, your child will learn about the properties of solids and liquids and this will help them learn basics about physics. Even though there are more materials than liquids and solids, learning about how these behave, how you can measure and weigh them is an introduction to physics. Your child’s logic will be developed just by playing this simple game. You only need water and sand. Moreover, you can find kinetic sand, a different type of sand that will help your child develop sensorial abilities.




One of the things that  your child will learn when they will go to kindergarten is the numbers. Our entire world revolves around numbers, and knowing basic things about them is essential. Because children are just developing their logic skills, teaching them numbers and numbering is a great way to help your children develop their skills.


How can you do this easily? Well, you can start counting the books in your house. Or the toys your child has. You can count for the first time and then encourage your children to do it by themselves. Be there for them and support your children in this quest of developing their logic.


Building Blocks


Each human has a different perspective and understanding of certain things. It is therefore important to be there for your children and offer them all the opportunities they need to develop their logic. The most common toys you can use to do this are building blocks or more commonly known as Lego. you can find them in any size. If your children are small, opt for those which are larger so that there is no risk of them swallowing the pieces.


Play with your children and try to build things. Maybe your child wants to build a castle or a car. Nothing is impossible. But more importantly, this game helps you foster the skill development of your child. By building things, children will understand that there are some principles you need to follow so that your building will not fall over.



Many people do not like making puzzles, but they are a great tool for logical development. Puzzles can help your children develop their attention, but also critical thinking skills. Start with puzzles of 100 pieces and then slowly increase the number. If your child likes making puzzles, they will slowly improve their thinking skills which will be of huge help when they will start school and not only.


Mazes and Crosswords


All parents want to help their children develop and improve their skills as well as they can. There are many toys you can buy that will help you do this. But apart from this, you can choose to do mazes and crosswords with your children, if they are big enough.


However, another option would be to play “the planes” with your children. Each of you has to draw three airlines with a predefined shape (yours and theirs have to have the same shape). You can choose a math sheet to be easier. Then, with your planes covered, you need to shoot the other one’s planes. The area of your planes has to be numbered so that playing will be easier.


This is a nice game that can be adapted to every child that helps them develop their critical thinking skills. Besides the strategy they have to think about to beat you, they also need to think about which will be your next moves. These types of games are very helpful for children that are developing and improving their skills. On top of this, they are also fun!


Ending Note


Logic skills are very important to one’s life. If your logic skills are well developed, you can solve problems, brainstorm for solutions, and make rational decisions. Children are in a constant learning and developing process. They learn new things every day and try to make sense of the world that surrounds them. Parents who want to raise healthy and functional children look for ways to improve their logic skills.


By using toys and inventing funny games you can actively engage your child in this process. As they grow up, the neuroplasticity of their brain is lower. This is why sometimes it is difficult to learn new things as an adult. However, even though children seem to not be able to comprehend complex issues, they are. So, start doing puzzles, building blocks, playing with water and sand, do mazes and crosswords, and counting objects. Their logical skills will improve tremendously.






Author Bio: Thomas Jackson a professional freelance content writer and also an active member of several writing clubs in New York, such as Ninjaessay, a professional writing service. He has written several songs since he was a child. He gets inspiration from the live concerts he does in front of close friends and family members.



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