Customer Spotlight on Ashley Haggin

The Zipadee-Zip has a lot of fans and supporters, but customer Ashley Haggin is a super fan that completely believes in and is passionate about our products. 

“I first heard about Zipadee-Zip on Shark Tank. I was thrilled because I was stressing over how on earth I was going to transition my little swaddle addict. It was the perfect, easiest transition. I like that it is still something that is a sleep trigger, even for my 2 year old. She sees it and is ready to snuggle up and go ‘night night’!” 

Always dreaming of being a mom, Haggin now has a son, a daughter, and a baby on the way. Since seeing how well the Zipadee-Zip worked for her little ones, she goes above and beyond to spread the word about the sleep sack. 

“I don’t hesitate to let friends and family borrow our stash of Zippys when they mention their babies are struggling in their swaddle or simply not sleeping well. Across the board, they love it and buy their own,” said Haggin.

Her support of the Zipadee-Zip as a customer is very helpful to her friends. Haggin was able to recommend the products to a close friend who has a two-year-old recently diagnosed with Autism. The Zippy helped little “R” to be better aware of her body because she could feel her edges more distinctly, which brought her comfort.

“Your product is not just cozy for children, it is HELPING families,” Haggin said.

Her enthusiasm for the Zipadee-Zip caught the attention of Stephanie Parker, “I'm so thankful for sweet customers like Ashley!  My gratitude goes much deeper than her just spreading the word about the Zipadee-Zip or Flying Squirrel.  I have come to realize that our business is much bigger than a product.  It's a really beautiful community of women who are willing to go out of their way to encourage and help their fellow mom.  Being a mother is wonderful but it has its challenges and there is such great comfort in knowing that other moms are there to root for you and help you through those tough moments... sleep related and otherwise!  I LOVE our customers!"

Incidentally, Haggin’s love of the company began with a love of the creators. “I loved seeing how they leaned on the Lord during their hardships. Their faith was very evident on Shark Tank and continues to be evident on social media. It’s just cool how her faith is intertwined in her work.” 

See what other moms are saying about the Zipadee-Zip:

“I first read about the Zipadee-Zip on several mothers boards and eventually caught a repeat of the Shark Tank episode in which the product was featured. I have 4-month old who was sleeping pretty well, 4 hour stretches at the beginning of the night and then up every 2 hours. Suddenly that all fell apart and he started waking every 2 hours overnight no matter what I did. I did some more checking on the Zipadee-Zip and decided to give it a try. We are currently on night 3 of using your product and honestly, it's been amazing! Cohen has slept better than ever and is now only waking up once a night and then goes right back to sleep! It's like he's a completely different baby when it comes to sleeping. Thanks so much for such an awesome product!”

Written by Jennifer Lindquist

Jennifer Lindquist graduated from Concordia College, Moorhead MN in 2005 in business and French. She currently acts as Social Media Manager for Sleeping Baby. She is also a photojournalist and has been featured on the Army News Service, Fort Sill Cannoneer, Fort Gordon Signal and Fort Huachuca Scout. She currently lives in New York with her husband and daughter.

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