8 Essentials for a First Aid Emergency Kit for Kids

An emergency kit is one of those things that you don’t put too much consideration into until it becomes necessary. When you have children, especially active ones, it’s always important to have a proper safety kit available with all the equipment you’ll need for an injury. To ensure that you’re prepared for all types of injuries, here’s an extensive list of what should be in your emergency safety kit:

1. Antibiotic Ointment

Antibiotic ointment is necessary for when there are wounds to a person’s skin. This ointment will help heal the injury while also keeping it safe from infection.

2. Compression Bandage

Compression bandages become important for injuries to joints and muscles. After suffering a sprain or strain, using compression to treat the injury is one of the best things you can do. In fact, it’s part of the RICE injury treatment method.

3. Adhesive Bandages

Bandages are good for the small injuries that simply require a small cover for it, like a Band-Aid. These will help to keep ointment properly fixed on the cut or scrape, while also keeping germs out.

4. Pain Medication

When an injury occurs, there will clearly come pain along with it. For the more serious injuries that causes an extended period of pain, pain medication, like aspirin, should be on hand to help.

5. Absorbent Compress Dressings

These dressings are important for an injury to cover and wrap the skin and prevent germs and infection from getting involved. These are necessary for more extensive injuries, like burn wounds, that require a larger surface area to be covered.

6. Instant Cold Compress

Treating injuries with a cold compress is another aspect of the RICE treatment method. Whether you have an instant cold pack or a bag of ice, the important part is applying it to prevent swelling of an injury.

7. Non-latex Gloves

Non-latex gloves will be needed to treat an injury while keeping the risk of infection low. While gloves aren’t absolutely essential, it’s a good precautionary measure to make sure the germs on your hands don’t get on any bandages or the wound.

8. Cloth Tape

Cloth tape will become useful when an injury needs to be wrapped with dressings or a non-adhesive bandage. The tape will be able to keep an injury wrapped tightly so the bandage doesn’t come loose from the time you wrap it until it needs to be changed.


Written by Stephanie Parker from Sleepingbaby.com, inventors of the Zipadee-Zip

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