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Customer Stories

Putting self to sleep

When we transitioned out of the swaddle we moved to these for sleeping because our son has pretty bad eczema. The Zipadee Zip is perfect for keeping his hands protected for scratching and helping with a good night’s sleep. I wish we had these for our oldest child because I’m really enjoying the 10-11 hours of solid straight sleep for my 7 month old!!

Christina B.

Zipadee-Zip for the win!

I bought this item after seeing it on Shark Tank. My granddaughter, 4-1/2 months sleeps well at night, but not at naps. She would only sleep while being held. As soon as you put her down in her crib, she'd awake, scratch her head/face and wake up and not go back to sleep. My daughter had no free time during the day. The first time I used it, I was babysitting and was skeptical and didn't want to get my hopes up. My granddaughter slept for 1-1/2 hours in her crib. She repeated this again at her second nap. I told my daughter and she's had success with the Zipadee-Zip for a week now. We've already ordered a second one! I thank you and my daughter thanks you! What a blessing!

Deborah M.

Game changer!

The first night...our baby slept through the night....fluke right? No! Every night since she’s been wearing these she has slept through the night...I ordered two more in fleece! I ordered them before I even finished watching the episode on shark tank!

Daniel C.